Find out which age group is the most affected by seasonal flu and steps to fight back these infections for a healthy lifestyle


And here we go again!

Once or twice a year, the flu finds me. More often, it will be a week before a trip, wedding, or any event I look forward to. Talk about bad timing, right?

As I write this, it has been a few days since I caught the seasonal flu. Yes, most of us fall ill when the season changes. Whether it is at the start of the monsoon or a shift into any other season, it is most likely, that I will fall ill.

Getting the seasonal flu affects the person’s ability to follow a healthy lifestlye for a while.

What is seasonal flu?

Also known as Influenza, seasonal flu is an acute viral infection. It majorly affects the nose and throat. A small child or a senior citizen, Influenza affects everyone. This virus can spread with ease.

If a person with seasonal flu coughs and you are around that person, the virus can be transmitted to you via air. If you touch a surface (doorknob, table, etc.) used by the infected person and then touch your nose or mouth, you are most likely to get affected.

Age groups affected by the seasonal flu:

One thing I can assure you is seasonal influenza can happen to anyone. As per data1,  

0 to 17 – This age group is affected the most.

Seasonal flu affects the healthy lifestyle for all ages.

18 to 64 – The workforce group is nearly similar to the children and comes second.

65+ – Senior citizens also get affected but, it’s lesser than the above two age groups.

So, is it possible to fight back the seasonal flu and live a healthy lifestyle?

Yes. It is possible to beat the seasonal flu and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Influenza Live Session on Facebook:

I recently attended a live session on Influenza on Facebook. There were quite a few eye-opening moments for me. I never knew that there are multiple types of Influenza, including seasonal flu. While most of us do not take the seasonal flu seriously, half a million deaths are associated with it. The best way to reduce this risk is by getting the annual influenza vaccine.

Steps to fight back infections like the seasonal flu:

As I mentioned above, we can beat the seasonal flu2. Here are a few ways we can do that.

1. Let us focus on getting our annual influenza vaccine. This helps your body boost its defense.

2. When someone around you is coughing and sneezing, it is best to keep your distance, wear a mask, and ensure you are not touching the same surfaces before sanitizing them. (Yes, I agree this might not be possible 24*7, but doing it as much as possible can save you and your family.)

3. With the pandemic, we now know how important it is to stay fit. So, let us eat right, sleep well, and exercise to be as fit as possible. With a strong immune system, it will be difficult for all these infections to attack you.

4. If you have the seasonal flu, stay at home and wash your hands as much as possible. Consume the best nutrients (fruits + vegetables).

Overall, the seasonal flu is here to stay. But that does not mean we do nothing. Eat right, sleep right, exercise well, and focus on your surroundings. These basic steps can help you stay fit and follow a healthy lifestyle. Get your vaccine and beat the seasonal flu, like a BOSS! #FightAgainstFlu


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