Blogchatter Ebook Writing - The Alphabets of Life - for mortals

How Blogchatter gave this world a new breed of authors like me!

Before I begin giving you my amazing experience of becoming an author, let me tell you my name. I say this because that’s one heck of a name and it’s something I’m damn proud about.

My name is “Lancelot Trevor Quadras“.

Sounds too strong right?

That’s about the only thing which was strong about me until a few years ago.

Why I say so?

It’s simple. I was an average guy with average marks, average skill in sports, dated just 2 girls until I was 26 and pretty much had no interest in making a good life.

Now you’ll be wondering where is the part where I’ll begin writing about my journey into becoming an author right? That can wait for a while. I want you to know more about me before you read the good part.

I can never complete something immediately. I have a lot of ideas. I show promise to many people around me. I’ll begin with a bang but somewhere down the line, I’ll just lose interest or will just stop.

That’s one of the prime reasons I could never grow. I loved my comfortable shell. Hell, who doesn’t love their comfortable life right? If I asked you to leave your father’s house and live separately, pay the rent, wash your junk and cook your own food, would you do it?

No, you wouldn’t. But that’s fine. We all love our comfort zone.

Blogging was one of the important things in my comfort zone. I loved writing and saw many others who had beautiful content to share. I read it and it made me feel nice. I wrote, I read a lot and participated in many blog themes.

One of them was “A-Z Challenge”.

I’m going to be honest here; this theme gave me more purpose than all of my school and college life could give. How can I say so?

It gave me discipline to be on time with my posts.

It also ensured I planned well in advance of all the words I will write on.

I worked on posts, edited them, deleted the whole idea, started the whole process until I got the right version.

Now here’s the time I’ll tell you about my journey of becoming an author.

* Back in 2018 – A mail arrives from Blogchatter:

Blogchatter presents the E-Book carnival.

I deleted it even without reading it.

Yes and then I clicked on Undo and thought let me read it. It must have some good prize money included.

That was the most shittiest thought which came to me. But I’m glad it did. I would never have read more about it otherwise.

They mentioned about converting 26 of your posts from A to Z into a book.

Yes, a god damn B-O-O-K. My first reaction? I laughed…. and then I laughed again.

Because Lancelot Trevor Quadras knew deep within that he can do many things like become the president, go to hell and rule it and even learn to cook but he cannot ever write a book.

That’s how much negative confidence I had on my skills. I lost that thought and concentrated on my theme for the A-Z Challenge. For some odd reason, I applied for the carnival and thought “what the heck” let’s see. If anything fails, I’ll bail out.

Then the challenge began on 1st April and the flurry of blog posts began to be shared on social media. I too had my words ready and the posts began to be written.

It was then on 5th April that I was done with 4 posts and a grand realization took place.

All the words I chose had the meaning but I somehow managed to relate it to “getting better” in life.

It was then that I realized that a book is possible as I have a theme and have a lot to share. This is how a boy who has more self-doubt than anyone had in him had a glimmer of hope that he could share his work with the world.

I wrote continuously and days passed by. When the challenge ended, Blogchatter gave us steps on how we could zip and convert these into a pdf format for books. All we needed to do was find a suitable title, write the acknowledgement, bibliography and many other things that would make the user experience easy.

Blogchatter E-Book making:

I was bloody nervous. Yes, writing blog posts is one thing and sharing them with the whole world is something else. What will the world think? Will they accept my book? Or will they judge me? Maybe those people will make fun of my work? and many other questions ran around my mind.

With the constant help of my friend Reema who herself got her first book published from Blogchatter and also my school friends, I went ahead and worked on creating my work into a book.

My friend Dean helped me with a good image for the cover of my book. I liked the feel of it. There were butterflies in my tummy I must say.


Seems like that was a day when time stood still.

Maybe, I’m exaggerating but that’s how I felt it. Consequently, the joy when the linky went live and the world saw new and existing authors with their work displayed.

I had Goosebumps seeing my name as Author of “The Alphabets of Life – For Mortals“. It gave me so much joy. I don’t think I had so much joy ever. I was literally on cloud no.9.

Straying away from the topic, let me do some shameless self promotion (SSP) by asking you to check and download a free copy of my book – CLICK HERE

It’s free of cost and you won’t fall unwell. You might feel a bit sleepy in the middle posts but am sure you’ll like the end.

Why should you become an author with Blogchatter?

Okay, I’m no specialist but writing is a journey. It’s more like how Frodo and Bilbo left their comfortable Shire and went to save the world from the King of death. Their story became epic. Yours can too.

I have learnt a lot by completing the E-book carnival program. It’s a new world. I understood how much effort goes into writing a book. There’s an idea. There are characters. There is a limit of 26 posts and you have to fit your idea into it.

It’s not easy but not impossible either. I had fun writing about different things. There were some amazing authors who wrote a plot and split it into 26 posts. I kept longing for more and read some in one sitting.

You can evolve as a writer. You can grow a lot by taking this step. Step out of your comfort zone and step in to the amazing world Blog chatter has for us bloggers.

Why choose Blogchatter?

I have been part of blogging networks since 2015. It’s 5 years and I’ve seen many try and help bloggers get exposure. I saw blog chatter begin and try their hand in helping bloggers evolve.

They had their weekly chats on twitter. I hardly participated in them back then and only waited until they brought blogging projects which would bring me money.

How foolish of me right?

First of all, that’s how blogging life was for me in the initial stages. Likewise, in these years I have seen Blog chatter evolve from just another blogging network to becoming THE BLOGGING NETWORK.

If you have a problem, throw it at them and they’ll fix it.

Furthermore, they’re not GOD that knows everything right?

Yes. As a result, they’ll find someone who knows the answers.

Above all, when you choose Blog chatter they will help you 1000000% and ensure you don’t feel the jitters. Certainly, they’ll help you as long as you’re willing to make the jump.

Go for the e-book. Who knows, we might have a bestselling author among us hidden!

Here’s how you can join the E-book carnival season 4 – Click Here

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Here are my past posts for the A to Z Challenge.

The one with the Longest Pending Meeting

The One With The Longest Pending Meeting

Longest Pending meeting is one of the most epic Friendship stories ever!


I like my life.

I’ve seen a fair share of moments; both good and small.

I enjoy the little moments and little things that people do for me.

It gives me joy and happiness knowing that somewhere, I’m loved.


2018 (January to August):

But that’s not how this year began for me in 2018.

2018 began with a bang for me when I left my job in the field of finance after 3 long years for good. Content writing was my calling and I was going to pursue it. (Copy that!)

Then after 1 month of being jobless, I got the luxury of going for a family trip abroad with my parents. That was one priceless month.

Post the trip there were 3 months of joblessness with my parents worried for me, friends looking to endorse and suggest my name for interviews.

Getting a good night’s sleep was not at all available. I still went through that sleepless and tension phase which never let me sleep in peace.

At the end of May, I got my first break in content writing. Ever since then I’ve been happy. I keep writing, go home on time and smile more often for the past 3 months.


September began too with a bang!

One of my oldest school friends surprised us by flying down from the USA for his brother’s engagement.

I was the first one to know and one by one, everyone was given a separate surprise. This was the first time in 2.5 years that we all were together in one city.

This image was clicked during the engagement party and I must tell you that the moment here is priceless and I’m going to cherish it for a very long time!

Longest pending meeting between friends

With this, I request you to share a moment in this year which was the best so far post the longest pending meeting.

Let’s share the happiness with all!

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Here are my past posts for the A to Z Challenge

Don't Do It

Just Because you Can…. Don’t Do It!

Don’t do it! An ode to a dream that opened my eyes!

On this Sunday morning, I woke up to a dream where I did something which was surprising. I don’t remember the backdrop or even the people in it. All I remember is fighting with one of my friends. There are some people in the background whose faces I fail to recollect now.

We are arguing over something very petty but things get heated. While fighting he reminds me of something bad I did earlier. That hurts! I too can do the same and dig up some dirt of his past and put it up on display in front of everyone. But I don’t.

Why did I not do that?

This is the thought I woke up to. There are so many ways I could have humiliated him. There were so many things I could have told to make him shut his mouth and sulk in one corner. There was a lot I could do. But I didn’t. There is just one answer to it. The answer is “I chose to look at the argument more than my anger“.

Yes, my near and dear ones know that I get angry very quickly. The slightest hint of conflict makes me uncomfortable. I don’t think positively and things don’t go right. But recently I’ve begun doing a simple task… “Listening”. I realized that if I don’t do it, then it’s time to listen.

Yes, please try this. 95% of your conflicts and anger issues and even over thinking ends the minute you begin to listen. There are so many moments where just because I waited patiently and listened, everything fell into place without any negativity.

What is this “Listening”?

The listening here is to understand the situation and then find the solution. You don’t have to find something hurtful to say back always. Just because you know you can;

  • Win the argument
  • You have the gun
  • You have the ace in the pack

That doesn’t mean you need to use it. Don’t do it! Sometimes being silent and thinking calmly can avoid a catastrophe. Now mind you, I’m not talking about every situation. The situation here is about a normal or petty argument that elevates to a heated argument. Usually, it can end well when at least one party thinks calmly. If not, then just because of a petty argument turning wild, relationships crack, friendships break and you become a wreck on a wreck.

There are a few people I adore in my life during my college years. When in an argument I spoke some hurtful things, they kept silent until I was done barking. Once I turned silent, they’d explain themselves. It made sense to me and I’d apologize to them. Then I would feel shitty about how I treated them.

In some ways, I have tried to be a better person since them and always think about the other person and their situation before drawing a conclusion. It’s a work in progress but I’m sure to be a better person someday!

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Here are my past posts for the A to Z Challenge