A is for Absquatulate – A to Z Challenge 2017

A is for Absquatulate.

It means to either leave quickly or to flee.

We humans like running. Why do I say so?

Because majority of us like to run for health, money, career, passion or from different problems and situations.
Agree to disagree?

Anyway, I’m no saint either. Given a chance to face an awkward situation, 60% chances are I’ll chicken out (Absquatulate).

It was like this until 2 years ago, when I had reached a tipping point.

Jobless for 6 months, overweight, health issues, avoiding friends and family because they would ask about what I’m doing in life, where I’m working etc and I wouldn’t have the courage to answer those questions.

To be honest, I’ve also had sleepless nights where I’d look at the ceiling and question myself. That changed with the new year and I decided to stop running and take a stand. You need to own what you do. The day you accept your flaws and try to get better is the day you’re calm, free and will be happy.

That’s all for today!

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16 thoughts on “A is for Absquatulate – A to Z Challenge 2017”

  1. This is so a Tier III word!

    I used to run from life. Sometimes I have days (or moments in a day) where I want to do a bit of running. Then I turn to Netflix, or music, or reading. Of course, I make it a point to take that break and get up and tackle whatever problem(s) I’m running from, because they don’t ever fix themselves.

    I’ll make sure to stop by over the course of April!

    1. Hey Marna,
      That’s indeed the right attitude. I too like my occasional running! Do stop by for the remaining posts too. Happy weekend. Cheers!

  2. Not only do I love the word and the post, but now I have an idea for a fan fiction series using your weird words, so I’m very happy random chance brought me here today! =)

    I agree – owning who and what you are makes for a great deal of freedom!

    Slices of an Unschooling Life
    Indie Writer, Mom-in-Chief, and Joyful Learning Facilitator
    Shan Jeniah’s Lovely Chaos

    1. Jeniah, I’m glad i could be of some help. And yes, running is not our forte always. To own our deeds is a class act! Let’s always be classy! Cheers! Do follow this series for more such weird words.

  3. Running away seems to be the best escape and we are the lesser mortals always opting to be far far away from facing life and owning up to it. Well written and a great start to the challenge. 🙂

  4. Hi Lance – great word … sometimes I’d love to run – but it’d just make matters worse and running might be a wee bit tricky now!! hobble forward. No it’s better to face what you can, deal with what you can, and as you move forward things change … so glad you’ve moved on and changed your life … you look lively and cheerful and bubbly sort!… looking forward to seeing more words … cheers Hilary


    Today’s A – Z Challenge 2017 post

    1. Hi Hilary, thanks a ton for what you’ve written about me. It’s the first time someone has referred to me as bubbly! I’m glad you face and tackle your problems too! Cheers to that. Stay tuned for more such weird words! 🙂

    1. Hey Patricia, I’m glad you’ve heard of this word. Cheers! Stay tuned for more such weird words! Cheers!

  5. I love finding new words and this is a new one for me. I look forward to learning more words and reading your associated thoughts as the month unfolds.

    1. Hey,
      I’m glad to be of help.
      Learning new words and their meanings is fun and I intend to keep doing so! You might like to check the other posts I have written for these letters. The links can be found on the footer of the post. Cheers!

    1. Hehe, Liz that’s how most of us are. We run away from things which are not that scary!! Stay tuned for more such weird words. 🙂

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