My BLOG has a new Home!

My blogs – “One Mind, A Million Thoughts” and “One Sun, Many Rays” now are merged together as one blog!

3 years and 3 months ago, I began blogging not knowing where this journey will lead me on to.

Nearly 375 posts later, I not only knew what I like in this Blog world but also got better in many aspects of life for which I’m thankful.

Post my birthday 3 weeks ago, I finally decided to go live and get my own self hosted website for my blog.

The idea of going live was planned in April 2016. After procrastinating for almost a whole year, I finally decided to go ahead with this pending dream of mine.

Anyway, here’s my blog page which houses posts from both; Blogger and WordPress!

I have them listed as per different categories. Forgive me if you find few faults as migrations are messy and they always leave some marks! Do point them out to me and I’ll be happy to get them changed.

I also have my Facebook, Zomato and Instagram buttons on the bottom of the web-page.You can follow me on these accounts and be part of my journey.

And finally, I’d like to thank a lot of people who made sure this blog web-page sees the light of the day.

My Parents of course! They’re my strength. They’re my motivation.

My friend Dean Silveira for the logo which is amazing and just like I wanted it to be. Do check out his work here – Dean Bing Designs

To Kevin Sequeira for helping me create this website from scratch with all the unnecessary changes and making sure this runs smoothly and sets sail!

To many of my blogger friends who too started their own website. It did help me take that step finally.


Lastly, a heads up to you guys.

I’ll be participating in the A-Z challenge 2017 where everyday (except Sunday) I’ll be writing a post on each letter starting from A to Z. My theme this year too will be weird words! Do check out my posts on this theme from previous years too! It’s under the category “Collections”.

Au revoir!

2 thoughts on “My BLOG has a new Home!”

    1. Hey Ankita, thank you so much. I had to get the clean shaven look for Maa’s birthday! That was the gift 😉

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