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UC Cricket Buzz is synonymous with fun for us Indians. Guys go crazy for every match, every boundary, wicket, crowd, jaw-dropping moments, etc.

Yes, it’s worth every penny. People have sworn that they have missed important moments in their life since they had to watch a cricket match.

I enjoy watching cricket matches. Although since the 20-20 era began, yes my amazement has been limited. Now, watching a 50 over match seems really long and sometimes impossible to watch.

But for some, even that is less. They watch it with the utmost dedication as for them every ball has an impact on the game and its result.

An incident occurred like this during the 2011 world cup when India was facing Pakistan at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

Yes, the crowd was roaring like never before. Why wouldn’t they? Hell, it’s “India vs Pakistan!”

One of my friends had their exam center in Churchgate which was close to the stadium. The exam was important as it was the university’s final exam. But then even the match was important.

My friend could not concentrate on paper one bit. The crowd was going crazy and he could hear them right till the class where he was writing the paper.

Every 10 minutes, he would ask the examiner for score updates, but he did not tell anyone a damn thing.

He then submitted his paper within 2 hours and literally ran away to the stadium so that he could find out what’s the score and feel the atmosphere of the stadium.

That’s the level of madness.

I’m sure this is hardly anything. There are people who might have missed birthdays, important moments just for the match. I’m glad for apps like the UC Browser which has made the life of us cricket fanatics a tad bit easy.

Live match schedules and scorecard on UC Cricket Buzz
Live scorecard of a match on UC Cricket Buzz

So now, I don’t need to miss my cricket match due to a meeting. Nor do I have to skip a birthday party.

All I have to do is switch to my UC Browser, choose UC Cricket and then boom! All my updates, the ball to ball updates in real-time… what else does a guy need?

So now I can listen to all of my boss’s bantering and side by side just have a sneak peek into my phone to see if my favorite batsman is wreaking havoc on the field.

I can now go on a date and give time to both… my beloved and also to my love for cricket.

Parties, gatherings, etc whatever be the scene, I can give time to both and keep everyone happy in the process. This is how I can balance both my love for cricket and love for my near and dear ones.

In the end, everyone’s happy!

Here’s a video of the UC Browser with Yuvraj Singh.

Check it out.

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