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Reading books has always been one of my favorite parts of the holidays. Now, with the lockdown, this reading habit of mine has jumped up one notch higher. I will either have a book in my hand or would utilize the services of my Kindle.

There are so many eBooks to read that have lately caught my attention and hence I thought of sharing this list with you. And the best part of this list is that all these books are for FREE.

Yes, you can read these books on your personal computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. All you have to do is download the Kindle app for these platforms. Then reading books can get easier.

There are a lot of books listed on Amazon that are bestsellers. But the cherry on the cake is that some of these books are FREE of cost. Hence, I’ll be listing down some of the best eBooks to read for anyone. All you have to do is,

1. Buy these eBooks for FREE on Amazon.

2. Download the Kindle app on your Smartphone, laptop, computer, or tablet.

3. Login to your account and enjoy reading all these FREE books on any of your devices.

For those who have a Kindle, they can download the eBook kindle edition. I hope you enjoy this list of free eBooks.

1. Indian Tales by Rudyard Kipling:

Rudyard Kipling is one of the most renowned authors all over the world. This book is set in British India. There are short stories that display a variety of emotions right from happiness, sadness, anger, etc. If you haven’t read any book by Rudyard Kipling, you can start with this one.

2. The Arabian Nights by Andrew Lang:

Another classic is “The Arabian Nights”. If you like stories of Princesses, adventures, magic, and the desert, this is exactly what you need. There are more than 30+ short stories here that are magical and will get your attention.

This is one of the most popular and well-known series and hence a must-read.

3. Marvel Adventures Iron Man by Fred Van Lente:

Are you ready for some Marvel action? Yes, you can read the first comic edition of Iron Man by Fred Van Lente. I hope this brings back memories of one of the most iconic characters in the Marvel Multi-verse. There are many more Marvel books below in this list for you to enjoy.

4. A Teacher’s Guide to The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:

Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” is one of the most well-known books of this decade. The book is about a person yearning to travel the world and find treasures on the way. Now, with the help of the author, you can put the learning to practice and further understand the plot easily.

5. A Tale of Two Cities by the legendary Charles Dickens:

How can this list be complete without Mr. Dickens?

Charles Dickens was one of the most prolific authors in the 18th century. His stories have been one the most read and appreciated by audiences worldwide.

Even today, authors and teachers swear by his writing. This book has an amazing tale filled with humor and describes an era of love too.

6. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen:

Another 18th-century classic is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. With almost 3 million people rating it on Good-reads, this is not a book that must be missed. This is a story filled with wittiness, humor, and love in England. If you have read past works of Jane Austen or haven’t read any, this would be the best book to start with.

7. Spider-Man / Venom by Donny Cates:

If you saw the latest Spider-man spider-verse story with Miles Morales, this is one comic that will surely make you happy. This story will also act as an origin story of sorts for one of the best anti-heroes ever i.e. Venom. So if you love these two characters, then what better than this book?

8.  Marvel Avengers Alliance by Fabian Nicieza:

This is one of the best Marvel comics for any fan. There’s a Chitauri invasion and Avengers are the planet’s only hope. With special appearances from Nova, Ms. Marvel, and Squirrel Girl, you are bound to enjoy one of the fiercest wars on mankind with the Avengers trying their best.

Do not miss this special Marvel eBook!

9. Stories from Tagore by Rabindranath Tagore:

10 short stories from one of the best Authors in India is what you get in this book. This collection speaks volumes of how Tagore played with words and weaved stories that the audience loves. Although most of these stories don’t have happy endings, you will surely like the style of story-telling by Tagore.

10. The Time Machine by H.G Wells:

Have you watched the time-bending series called “DARK”?. If yes, then this short book is what you must read. It’s about a person called the “Time Traveler” who creates a time machine and travels 800,000 years ahead. His learning and finding are so unique and I like the way this story ends too.

11. Guardians of the Galaxy by Nick Spencer:

Let’s bring the Guardians of the Galaxy too. This free comic involves adventure of the Amazing spider-man and Guardians of the Galaxy which also paves way for the Infinity Saga.

There’s a lot of fun, humor and everything as we like it.

12. Avengers Civil WAR II by Brian Michael Bendis:

The Civil War is perhaps one of the best storylines as it is a hero against hero. Here too, you will see all your favorite heroes split into two sides fighting. Such a storyline always brings the best fight scenes ever. Read about broken trust, friendships, and ideals in this ultimate showdown.

13. Gaban (Hindi) by Munshi Premchand

Also considered as one of the best Indian authors to date, Munshi Premchand has given us heart-warming and breaking stories in Hindi and Urdu. This book is written in 1931and discusses how youth in the British era would go to any length to be part of the elite class.

14. Parthiban Kanavu (Tamil) by Kalki Krishnamurthy

R Krishnamurthy also known as Kalki in the author world is another fine Indian author.

He has the distinction of sharing with us the first historical fiction written in the Tamil language.

If you like reading about history and empires like ones you saw in Baahubali, you will surely end up enjoying this book.

15. Titanic – The Story of the Unsinkable ship by Hourly History

More than 100+ years since this ship sank, The Titanic has always caught our attention. No one has forgotten the movie yet. There are many secrets, stories of love and greed, and a heartbreaking ending. If you wish to revisit what you saw and get some extra information, this story must definitely be on your reading list.

16. Chandragupt (Hindi) by Jaishankar Prasad

One of India’s finest poets, Jaishankar Prasad is a terrific personality in the world of modern Hindu literature and theatre. This book is written in Hindi and will reflect Indian culture and traditions clearly. This story is also depicted as a play about King Chandragupta Maurya.

17. Investing for Beginners by James Moore

Everyone wants to invest and make huge profits.

But like we have heard, investing and gaining profits are for people with knowledge. Through this book, James Moore wishes to clear the basics that one needs to know like compounding, types of investments, and how the rich invest their money.

18. Blood Orchids by Toby Neal:

This is a complete crime thriller based story set in Hawaii. Lei is a female cop trying to maintain peace in this beautiful island.

But 2 gruesome murders give her the chills and reminds her of a sad past. She is destined to find the killer but the killer can easily find her first! Guess who the killer is in this amazing story.

19. How to win Friends & Influence People by the world famous Dale Carnegie

Amazon free eBooks of the day can be incomplete without self-help books.

One of the oldest releases in this list, Dale Carnegie’s work has over half a million ratings on Good-reads.

Released initially in 1936, this book aims to give you stone-clad advice that will help you in making people like you and allow you to increase your friend circle as you grow.

20. Free your Mind by M.P Neary:

This is a short book my MP Neary and deals with our mindset. This book aims to help you break all mental barriers that stop you from having a free mind. According to the author, a free mind helps you move forward in life and mostly help you get success every single time.

21. The Perfect Wife by Blake Pierce

Considered as one of the best Amazon Kindle free eBooks to download, this is the first crime and thriller based book on this list.

Blake Pierce has created a magnificent storyline of a criminal profiler who just got married is now finding dark secrets. These are not just secrets of the town but also of her husband, a killer and also of herself.

22. Master your Mind, Master your Life by Magnus Steele

Like “Free your Mind”, this short book by Magnus Steele is one of the best Amazon prime free eBooks.

It runs on the belief that Success is 80% of the time based on your mindset and 20% of the time on mechanics.

This means if your mind is set on the fact that you will succeed and get ahead in life, there’s already an 80% chance you will achieve it.

23. 21 Days of Effective Communication by Ian Tuhovsky

Communication is very important and Ian Tuhovsky believes that if we can get our communication right, it will open doors to healthy relationships, better work-life, and also all the fame and love that you desire. All this can be achieved in 21 straight days. This period will help you work on your communication skills.

24. Black Panther by Geoffrey Thorne

Let’s get the last Marvel entry on this list of amazing eBooks. It has to be the king of Wakanda. This comic will let us within the world of Vibranium and Wakanda. Here’s a story filled with a battle between the Black Panther and Machine-smith. This story is part of a series and hence you will have fun reading it.

25. SEVEN – True stories by Prashant Kaul

Indian authors lately have been sharing some of the best short stories ever with audiences through eBooks. This one by Prakash Kaul is a mix of 7 short real-life stories.

These stories will make you laugh, cry, and even at some point be relatable.

26. Law of Success in 15 lessons by Napolean Hill

This book is supposed to be a precursor to the 18th entry on this list i.e. Think and Grow Rich. Napolean Hill in this book aims to let you know how success is not that difficult to be achieved in 15 lessons. Most of these lessons are relatable during such sad economic times.

27. The Richest Man in the whole of Babylon George Clason

With over 100,000+ ratings, this decade-old book by George Clason has the key to understanding how you can accomplish everything that you desire. This also helps you understand through various Babylonian Parable styled stories how you can not only save money but also keep growing it with each passing day.

28. Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

Mukunda Lal Ghosh also is known as Paramahansa Yogananda is an Indian Yogi and Guru who’s considered a great spiritual figure. In this book, you will hear about Mukunda’s childhood story and his encounters with sages and saints.

There’s a lot of information regarding his meditation abroad and his meetings with country leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and many more.

29. Wuthering Heights by the evergreen Emily Bronte:

Perhaps the oldest eBooks on this list, Wuthering Heights was written in 1847. This is a love and revenge based story set in Yorkshire. This is a classic tale of choosing love or money and social status. Revenge follows later! Enjoy reading this classic tale.

30. 101 Amazing Facts by Jack Goldstein

How many of you know that our very own Shakespeare is known to have written the first “Knock Knock” joke? This and 100 other amazing facts can be found in this special ebook by Jack Goldstein.

If reading facts and brushing up on your knowledge is something that interests you, then this is the book for you.

I really hope that you find the best free kindle eBooks on Amazon that suits the reader within you. Happy Reading. If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can read hundreds of books for free!

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