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How important is money to you?

Everything? Yes, that’s what i feel too.

But when it comes to saving, we get that thought only prior to getting married or when it becomes absolutely necessary.

My question is, why wait that long?

If you think this is just how everyone saves, then I’d like to tell you, times have changed my friend!

I have a friend aged 25 who has a PPF account and has invested for an insurance policy and to top it all, he has plans to invest a reasonable amount in the stock market too. He wants to keep that amount for a long term investment. That all my friends with a salary of 25000 INR per month.

Living in Mumbai it’s not easy to do all this. He could do it step by step. It took months but he got it done. Maybe if he had taken guidance, he could have managed all his wealth in even a better way.

Hence I say, if you got to learn the basic ways of how to manage your wealth and keep everything in balance as per your need, then I say you must learn now.

Don’t wait for the end moment. Start early, reap the benefits later.


With that, I’d like to grab your attention to FINSAFE.

Finsafe has released an e-learning module FinSmart to provide an effective learning solution on personal wealth management. The 2-hour long module named FinSmart is aimed at people who want to make the most of their disposable income.

FinSmart covers the basics of investment and concepts like inflation, compounding, and risk in great detail. Investment tools such as mutual funds, debt instruments, insurance, and pension, as well as factors affecting them. Users also gain from a comprehensive financial planner, a model portfolio and the facility for making online investments.


FinSmart is an initiative of Mrin Agarwal, who won the CNBC Grand Jury Award for work done towards Financial Inclusion & Education in 2015.

Mrin is also the co-founder of Womantra, a training program aiming at enhancing financial awareness among women. Womantra has trained more than 5000 people across 40 corporates across India over the last 2.5 years.

Womantra’s training sessions bring out that most young professionals in India are not prepared to achieve their financial aspirations. They further highlighted the critical need to raise financial awareness and inclusion.

Finsafe is created with the purpose of being a knowledge repository that simplifies financial information and empowers people to create wealth. “In a surging economy like India’s, it is crucial that individuals are informed to take effective action to improve the overall financial well-being and avoid monetary distress.”, says Mrin Agarwal. A Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC survey has found that more than 70% of Indians fare badly in financial literacy.

Finsafe’s efforts converge towards building a more financially inclusive future and FinStart is designed to address the investor awareness gap. 

FinStart is among the first of its kind opportunities for Indians. They can learn all about wealth management and investment at the place and pace of their choice.

About Finsafe India Pvt. Ltd.

Finsafe is a finance education & inclusion organization focussing on equipping people with strategies to handle their money with a focus on goals, growth, and safety. Finsafe is a pioneer in bringing e-learning solutions on personal-wealth management to India. Learn more at

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