J is for Jargogle – A to Z Challenge 2018

J is for Jargogle which means to confuse or jumble something up.

I chose this word as I can relate to it a lot. I have been a specialist in confusing people, emotions and situations. That does not mean I manipulate but the meaning I derive is different from what it is supposed to be meant sometimes. Is it bad? Yes!!! It is very bad as things don’t end well or a task is left incomplete due to my misunderstanding. You can give me the benefit of doubt saying I thought of something else but in the end that’s not what is supposed to happen. I need to understand.

By understanding I mean whenever there is something we discuss about, I ask questions. It might sound stupid or also be of common sense but we must not forget that common sense is not common. Hence its better to ask than to do something wrong. I always encourage my friends too to ask questions whenever in doubt. It’s not wrong. Who knows it might end up saving your relationship/job etc.

Also one benefit of being clear is that your mind has no more of doubts and all goes as per plan. But if you’re unclear, you’ll jargogle something and that will be bad. So let’s start being clear and only jargogle lesser than often.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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5 thoughts on “J is for Jargogle – A to Z Challenge 2018”

  1. Novemberschild

    This word has sadly disappeared from modern English, but it’s easy to see how it can be incorporated into everyday conversation.“To confuse, jumble” – First of all this word is just fun to say in its various forms. John Locke used the word in a 1692 publication, writing “I fear, that the jumbling of those good and plausible Words in your Head..might a little jargogle your Thoughts…” I’m planning to use it next time my man attempts to explain complicated life philosophies concepts to me for fun: “Seriously, I don’t need you to further jargogle my brain.”

    1. Hi there. I’m so glad to have known more about this word and also the fact that someone else has heard it too. It’s great. Whatever happens in your conversation, I’m sure your man will be confused with the word you just used!

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