Just Enjoy The Show (Lenka) – Rainy View in Mumbai

Mumbai weather today reminds me of a song by Lenka. Here’s how the story unfolds to the song.

It’s a Wednesday morning and the view from my desk is serene. The clouds seem like there would be no scope for the sun to shine on today.

It’s 11.15 and it looks like it’s almost 19.00 hours. There’s a lot of raindrops passing by the window pane. I can hear the sound of the wind and the rain clashing and it’s quite scary if I may add.

Lenka mumbai rains

So when I watch those drops pass by my window at a fast pace, a random thought just passed by. There are so many moments and situations we have to go through in life.

Some of them get through in a jiffy while some take longer than they should. The good moments get done quickly and the sad ones stick to us longer than we want to.

Our life is like a see-saw. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. Life is also like a never-ending slide. You’re always in motion. No stoppage in time.

So instead of ranting, dreaming, and being tense, why don’t we just sit back and enjoy the show? Life is not boring. It can give you so many moments where you can laugh at yourself or cry!

Here are some amazing instances:

1. One of my school friends has a habit of missing a train/plane/bus journey every time he visits us. That’s called determination of legendary levels.

2. You can copy an entire paper including the roll number of the person too. ( been there, done that) Got famous too.

3. We were stranded without a place in Manali for a few hours (actually we hadn’t booked a place either so it fits). How spontaneous right!

4. I went trekking in shorts with my school friends and the temperatures fell below 5 degrees. How sweet, ain’t it? (That’s what you get Lance for being too smart).

These are just a few of the things I could mention which at the time were very serious but now when I look back, I can laugh over it.

As they say, Life is what you make of it. So stop being tensed. Just enjoy the show! And while you’re at it, listen to this song by Lenka. It’s really touching!

I listen to this song and I instantly feel good. Lenka has given us an epic song. I hope you will like this too.

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4 thoughts on “Just Enjoy The Show (Lenka) – Rainy View in Mumbai”

  1. Rains brings such wonderful memories ans give us something new to cheer, take a pause and enjoy the moment with a cup of coffee. Your words strike a chord in capturing emotions and people in a surrounding.

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