What If God Fulfilled A Wish Everyday?

What if God fulfilled a wish every day?
Just a random thought cropped in my mind today.
What if God has decided that randomly he shall choose a person and whatever he wishes for shall be fulfilled.
Just imagine, there are so many instances when we actually wish things go our way and they do.
What if that day God actually wanted to give you what you want.
Also, Imagine you waiting for the train or bus which is late. You wish that it arrived soon so you could go home. And God fulfilled your wish.
Does that make you happy? Yes..
But after you know God would have fulfilled anything you wished for.. Would you be happy? Doubtful..
Obviously if we’d know that the almighty would fulfill any wish, we’d definitely ask for something extravagant.
But how many of us would decide to wish for something else like erasure of poverty, wars, debt etc? I think only a few of us would. I’d ask too for something like a never ending bank balance and travel all the time without any worry or get some super power.
Either this way or that way there are many such instances when you thought things were not going your way but it just took a u-turn and everything went your way! There’s no explanation for that sometimes, right? What if that day God decided to fulfill whatever you desired?
Just a thought.. Think about it.
Happy Sunday!
Image credit – Healthy Thoughts

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