Selfish Lent – What Lent means

What lent means?

Lent is a season of fasting. The definition of fasting varies from person to person and cannot be quantified. The main purpose is that we sacrifice something during this time for the sake of the Lord.

Here is where I’d like to focus my attention.

The main basis of lent is not sacrificing, but change. If we cannot change, cannot bring a change in others then what good is your sacrifice?

What happens after 40 days?

We get back to ground zero. We are back to who we were. All the sacrifice and change goes down the drain. Some will decide to read a verse or chapter of the bible for the next 40 days. OKAY. That’s awesome.

What after that?

You stop. Imagine, even after reading the book for a good straight 40 days anyone can fall in love with it but then it’s Easter now and we don’t need to read it so… Let it be kept back at the altar or inside the attic, right?

Many of us would keep the fast not for the sake of penitence but just because we are supposed to. We wouldn’t like it but mom and dad have told us to, so we have to keep it. That’s harsh.

What lent means is Fast from your heart.

If your heart says no, then don’t fast. Because doing it for 40 days without a purpose is plainly meaningless. I’d like to end this post with a short story which I heard last week in church.

A woman came to a priest and said that she loved lent but hated Easter. The priest got curious and asked her the reason for her thought. She replied that her husband during lent would not drink for 40 days.

The priest said that she must be happy that he doesn’t drink.
She said that during those 40 days, he doesn’t come home drunk and hit me. The priest understood where her story was heading to.

She then said at Easter night when Jesus Christ is rising, the devil inside my husband rises too. He’ll drink and remove all the pent up anger and beating on me till he’s happy.”What do you make of this story?

I would like to hear your thoughts.

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