Sky Watch Friday – Rajmachi Fort, Lonavla

If you live in Maharashtra, visiting the forts set by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is mandatory.

One of such forts is the Rajmachi Fort Lonavala.

As per history, Fort Rajmachi was crafted in the 17th century. This was considered to be a fortress and Shivaji loved it too.

Apart from being a fort, villages were allowed to be created around the fort. This also became a major trade route in Maharashtra.

There are various temples within the fort related to Lord Shiva and Kal Bhairav. There’s another highlight too i.e. the Kondana caves.

While on the way for your trek to Rajmachi fort, you will see Kondana caves whereas per architects, some stones date back to the 1st century. That’s how much history we have here in India.

You can trek to Rajmachi fort Lonavala by going through any mode of transport and reach Lonavala. Then you must reach the base village of Udhewadi. From here you can follow a trail and then have fun!

Since 2015, the Rajmachi fort trek has attracted a lot of visitors right from Youngsters to adults and elders too.

I love this theme the most. So many pictures of the sky from various places all around the world right on one page. I’ll keep participating in this theme 🙂

Here’s my entry from Rajmachi Fort Lonavala, India. It’s 2 pictures and they’re really more nature friendly if you’d ask me. Anyways, enjoy the pictures!

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