I is for Ibidem – A to Z Challenge 2018

I is for Ibidem which means in the same place.

Do you like a place so much that you long to stay there always? Firstly, by place I don’t mean an actual place. It’s a phase that you would like to continue being in forever. We all go through many phases in life. There’s that phase of school and college. We hate the early getting up and going to lectures. The exams and tests are not at all interesting. After a gruesome 15 years, the saga of school and college ends.

We then begin to work. That’s when the magic begins. We start missing school and college. Also, we miss the canteen stories, bunking lectures to hang out with friends, class picnics and those funny love stories also. We begin to value that phase which we don’t have now. Also, post this there are two scenarios; either you struggle in your new job or you work at one place and retire. What happens next is that you miss those times too. Those times taught you how to survive and build a home and future for your family.

All I’d like to say is that we all have places where we’d like to or wish to have stayed longer. But all we must be actually doing is to enjoy the phase which you are currently in. Enjoy all you can right now so 10 years from now when you’re in a new Ibidem, you have no regrets but only happy memories.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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