I is for Idli – A to Z Challenge 2020

You will be lying if you’ve never tried Idli whilst living in India!

It’s not just South Indians, everyone loves this traditional breakfast option. At some point, we’ve visited South Indian restaurants and had Idlis along with Filter Kappi!

I remember my college days when my allowance didn’t allow me to try anything luxurious, Idli always welcomed me with open arms! I swear, there’s a lot of happiness and satisfaction after you have them!

Is idli good for health?

Some call it idli/idly. But yes, this is good for health in many ways. One of them is that it fills you up pretty soon and is light and easy to digest. They are also known to balance the PH in our intestines that help promote good health and long life!

Will idli increase weight?

This is a steamed option that is rich in fiber and protein. Hence a portion of this food item will add fewer calories. So at a regular level, you won’t be adding weight to your body!

Where are the best places for Idli in Mumbai?

There are tons of places in Mumbai and mentioning them all won’t be possible. However, I can make it easy for you by mentioning Matunga East. This is a haven for anyone who loves South Indian food.

Anyway, here are some of my recommendations;

  • Ram Krishna, Vile Parle
  • Ram Ashraya, Matunga East
  • Cafe Madras, Matunga East
  • Dakshinayan, Juhu & Malabar Hill
  • Balaji, Kandivali West
  • Ayyapan Stall, Matunga East
  • Lastly, any of your South Indian friend’s house!

The last one will be worth the money. I hope you guys loved the recommendations. If I missed any of the best places, please do comment below and let me know!

Have a Blessed Good Friday!

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8 thoughts on “I is for Idli – A to Z Challenge 2020”

  1. Hey Lancelot, Idli is surely the favourite of all who love to be fit and healthy. It is so easy to make and tastes delicious. And yes, idli made at home is the best in the world.

    1. Yes, yes and yes! I agree with you. No matter whichever restaurant I go to, the idli at a south Indian’s house ends up being the better one!

  2. The fact that is easy to make and goes with both curries and chutneys is a big positive, especially for health conscious folk. A common dish indeed at our house.


  3. I am an all-time idli lover. Out of all South Indian dishes that I know, Idli is my favorite. I can never get bored of it.

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