D is for Deleterious and Dégringolade

D is for Deleterious meaning a state that is harmful to your body or mind.

Deleterious synonyms – Detrimental, Inimical, Destructive, pernicious, ruinous. The deleterious effect on a human being often ends in us causing harm to ourselves whether it’s mind or body-related.

Now the usual way of writing this word would be to tag this word with alcohol, drugs, abuses, etc. Another way of seeing this is to extract those factors that are harmful to our mind and body.

No.1 on that list is Overthinking! Oh my god, don’t get me started on this topic. I have been there too. Overthinking is just good 10% of the time. Rest 90% is always harmful one way or the other.

When you’re sad, heartbroken, things don’t go your way, you overthink, try to see what could have been done better, what could have been a better ending, etc.

That happens to everyone. I can’t escape it but can reduce it to the most. Overthinking brings nothing but continuous pain.

Even if we are happy or things are going normal, there are certain people who like overthinking here too. Why are things so normal? Is this the silence before the storm? Is he/she not interested in me? My life is so dull etc.

I stopped doing all this because it is a waste of time, it hurts my heart and definitely affects my thinking for the rest of the day. Why must I do things which hurt me the most?

Thus I have begun to not overthink and suggest too few of my near ones that they do the same. It’s healthy!

D is for dégringolade which means rapid decline or decay; downfall.


This is like a part of the above word. Sometimes things don’t go our way. Crying and sulking will get us nowhere. Nor will overthinking.

The decay will continue and the downfall will torture you a lot. The only way you can deal with it is to find “ME” time. Wear a smile on your face and finish one task at a time. It always helps. Like they say, “Never Back Down”

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  1. Ohh yaa it certainly is, as simple as thinking about your results after you are done with your exams. Knowing fully well that you have no control there.

    1. A perfect example. That’s what it is.. Still we don’t stop… We think of 500 ways of writing that answer well.. But in the end.. It doesn’t matter. Thanks for visiting Karan! Happy AtoZ

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