C is for Cacoethes and Climacophobia

C is for Cacoethes which means an urge to do something inadvisable, insatiable desire.

Now this is something that all of us have gone through a lot!

Cacoethes is an insatiable desire

For me, I don’t remember when I haven’t had the urge to do something inadvisable. It’s just that at the moment it feels right to do those things.

If you sit and think over it, you’ll feel like it’s insane for anyone to do it.

Like with humanity and their tryst with breaking rules. You put a signboard saying “Do not take selfies here”.
The next day on social media, there’ll be at least a dozen posts with selfies at that place.

It’s not like they wanted to, but the signboard instigated an urge inside them to do the unthinkable.
It’s that rush which has to be fulfilled or else it makes you feel a bit gloomy.

So I end this by asking you guys;

Have you done something crazy (Cacoethes) which is not advisable

For my second choice for the letter “C” I have chosen;

C is for Climacophobia which showcases the fear of falling downstairs.

Now I just chose this out of my own curiosity.

Climacophobia is the fear of falling down the stairs.

There are people who have this fear.
Also, many times when we sleep and dream it’s the fear of falling or slipping on a stair that instantly wakes us up and makes us sit upright.

It happens with me from time to time.
I’m walking, I slip and the next thing you know, I wake up!

Does this happen to you a lot?
Or it’s just me who keeps falling down in my dreams?

I’ll be waiting for your answers on questions for both the words!

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25 thoughts on “C is for Cacoethes and Climacophobia”

    1. Haha.. I did expect someone or many to write this comment. It’s fun sometimes and sad sometimes of the things we’ve done right? Thanks for visiting Karan! Happy AtoZ

  1. I fall down in dreams but it’s usually off buildings, cliffs or bridges. I’ve never had one where I fall down stairs. Very interesting post!

    1. Hi Jean. The idea was to know that this feeling we get is so scary but yet so intriguing. You’ve fallen off cliffs? Whoa.. That must have been an awesome dream. Thanks for visiting Jean. Happy AtoZ!

  2. It’s fun to do something crazy n inadvisable sometimes..lol..zindagi na milegi dobara (total filmy 😉 )

    Never heard of a fear of falling down stairs..but ya in dreams..have fallen n woken up scared many times.

    Interesting posts..

    Keep posting. 🙂

  3. Lance, you know what? Even I wake up often at night because I get a dream and in that dream I miss a step and fall down. But when I actually take the stairs I don’t get scared. 😛 And even I don’t remember when exactly have I done something crazy which wasn’t advisable 😛
    Reema D’souza from
    Reem Writes…

    1. Hahaha, yayy!
      I knew I’m not alone here! It happens only when we dream 🙂
      And you don’t remember what crazy things you’ve done, or you don’t wanna share haa?

  4. Two great new words for me. Never stairs but ladders, I do fear I’ll fall from ladders.

    C is for cacoethes… loved it, I think the urges are very linked to YOUTH! Loved it in my youth dread it as a mother.

    Happy A to Z Blogging

    1. Hey there, I’m glad you liked my choice of words. Ladders huh! That’s profoundly scary. And yes, the urges are maximum linked during our youthful times! Thanks for visiting 🙂

  5. I have a fear of escalators – does that count? Just the down ones, by the way. Something about missing the step and not catching the next one? Or, I think there was a movie where a young boy got his shoelace caught and down he went. So, there you have it. Probably an inadvisable thing for me to travel down on escalators. Found you through the A to Z Challenge. Enjoy the rest of the alphabet! http://www.dianeweidenbenner.com

    1. Yes , anything with stairs counts!
      That’s also a fear and yeah i saw a video where a mother died after she got stuck in the spaces between the escalator. Sad stuff. Anyways, thanks for visiting 🙂

  6. WHY you choose such difficult words?! :p

    Regarding doing unadvisable things I do that all the time. Have I ever paid heed to you? :p

    Second word. Happens with me all the time. But this is the lesser weird dream I get. Full list sometime soon :p

    1. Hehehe, aadat se Majboor! Thus these choices. And yeah you never pay heed to me. I agree!
      You’re lucky too to not have such dreams. I get that once a month at least!

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