D is for Doughnut – A to Z Challenge 2020

Isn’t our life like a doughnut now?

We’re running in circles and doing the same thing every day i.e. sitting at home!

Anyway, let’s forget the coronavirus scare for now and think of something sweet… Like Doughnuts.

I have been trying a variety of doughnuts since my childhood and these sweet circles tend to light up my mood very easily. Whether it’s chocolate, berry, caramel or the basic version, I love them all!

My diet goes for a toss when I see offers for doughnuts. The doughnut resembles a sweet & never-ending circle that I just love! In India, many international brands have created a fan base for doughnuts. I’ve tried almost every brand and would like to share it with you guys.

Here are some of the best places I’ve tried a doughnut!

Dunkin Donuts, Khar

Krispy Kreme, All over Mumbai

Mad over Donuts, All over Mumbai

The Dough Code, Bandra

Greek Loukoumades, Khar (For greek based doughnuts)

Which is correct donuts or doughnuts?

In general, ‘doughnut’ is the original spelling and donuts is the short version used in America and accepted all over the world too!

Who makes the best doughnuts?

If I had to choose one, I’d go with Mad Over Donuts. Yes, Dunkin Donuts does have a good feel to it and is the supreme leader overseas but there’s something about M.O.D that I cannot let go of!

So do you love doughnuts or donuts? Tell me the best place you’ve visited in the comment section below.

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