E is for Eleutheromaniac and Expiate – A to Z Challenge 2016

E is for Eleutheromaniac which means a frantic desire for freedom.

For some of us, freedom is what matters the most. For the rest of us, it’s not on high priority. I’m that kind of a guy who’s blessed to have a family, few friends that support me and help me out with matters of life.

Yes there are times that I don’t want to be told how to do this, how to work like that, come home soon, don’t roam here and there, etc (you get the message, right?)

But I don’t want that to stop. People who say like that to you care for you. There’s no hidden agenda. If they say, that don’t roam here means they know that place more than you. Sometimes listening helps!

Do you agree with this? Or you think that complete freedom is a necessity?

E is for Expiate which means to make amends for a wrong action.

My second choice for this word comes with a simple message. When there’s something that you did was wrong enough, what’s your move?

Do you wait it out until everything’s calm and then sort it out? Do you right away head over and apologize till you get a nod OR You do nothing?


I’ll tell you what I usually do! Most of the time I head over directly and apologize if I fell even for once that I am wrong.

I remember once on some webpage, if you took a survey, it would say a few things accurately about you. For me, there was one line that got etched deep into my memory. I can never ever forget it; “JUMP FIRST, THINK LATER”.

Yes, I do that a lot of times. Someone says something to me. If it hurts me even a bit I will vent out my anger almost immediately without even analyzing. And then I feel guilty and I apologize quickly.

That’s one bad trait of mine which I have tried to reduce for a long time and I am trying to get better! I would like to end this post asking you all 1 question; what are the actions you take to make amends for the wrong things you do?

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This post is written as a part of the A-Z challenge 2016 where bloggers from all around the world will blog for the whole month, daily based on all the alphabets in chronological order.

8 thoughts on “E is for Eleutheromaniac and Expiate – A to Z Challenge 2016”

  1. My freedom is my everything and wow eleuthromania is something I learned. I do accept my excuse when I am wrong and it’s a trait so many of us are alien to. Glad you abide in the same sense:)

    1. Hey Vishal.. Yes for some freedom is indeed everything.. Only sometimes they like to be told what needs to be done. As per making amends.. I’m glad you accept your excuse.. I’ll directly jump guns blazing realizing later it was wrong on my part.

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