C is for Cheesecake – A to Z Challenge 2020

Cheesecake is Love!

Whenever I visit a restaurant for reviewing the food, sometimes I do feel like Ego “the reviewer” from the famous movie “Ratatouille”. I’ll ask for a cheesecake if the menu has it and the moment the first bite touches my tongue, one of the 2 things will happen;

1. I’ll either find it decent or hate it.

2. I’ll be transported to a childhood memory of my mother feeding me the best cake I ever tried (Like this scene from Ratatouille).

Cheesecake - The famous scene from Ratatouille about a Rat that wants to become a chef

Like Butter chicken, when it comes to choosing a dessert in a restaurant, I’d always look if they have cheesecakes on the menu.

What is the best flavor of cheesecake?

So after trying multiple variants like blueberry cheesecakes, oreo cheesecakes, and many more, I would rest with the basic baked version of the New York cheesecake.

There’s quite a lot of cream cheese that makes it very dense and rich. Love the taste.

Best Cheesecake recipes:

Here are some of the best cheesecake recipes that you can make at home and enjoy.

1. English – Veg Recipes of India

2. English – Archana’s Kitchen

3. Hindi – Nav Bharat

4. Recipe for Jalebi/Mysore Pak/Sattu/Gajar Halwa cheesecake – Living Foodz

What is the most popular cheesecake?

I’m sure to be biased in mentioning the baked cheesecake first. But over the years, I’ve tried many types of cheesecakes. Here are some of the flavors you can try:

Red Velvet – Poetry, All over Mumbai

Creme Brulee – Bastian, Bandra

Sour Cherry – Candies, Bandra

Baked Philly – Smoke House Deli, All over Mumbai

Boston special – Boston Cupcakery, Andheri

New York style – Theobroma, All over Mumbai

Baked Vanilla – Pizza Express, All over Mumbai

So tell me, which is your favorite Cheesecake and where can we find them? Comment below and share this love!

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