Zits Na Milegi Dobaara

Pimples… Acne…Zits…Spots… Whether you read or write these words, it just feels so bad don’t it?
After reading almost a dozen of people explaining how pimples have wreaked havoc in their sweet god forsaken life, I think it’s time for me to explain my turmoil too.
Being a guy, taking care of the skin had always been one of the last things I could ever think of. (I still regret of not taking care of myself back then)
Post my teenage years I realized what a douche I’ve been.
So I decided enough is enough.
There has to be a change.
Not next week, not tomorrow but now.
And so began my quest of taking proper care of my skin.
But that path wasn’t easy.
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Firstly there are the sebaceous glands which produce sebum that exist inside the pores of our skin.

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Then there is the never ending pollution where we reside making sure I have my daily quota of dust, smoke, etc.
And the main problem arrives only after that damn zit makes it way on your face!!
It’s sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right.

If you abuse it, maybe it will haunt you next time by appearing on your nose or your forehead almost at a perfect angle making it look like you wearing a bindi.
(Yeah, I got that compliment from many… and it hurt :/)

And I guess maximum of you peeps would agree when I say, that godforsaken zit will arrive exactly on the day of a “function/date/picnic/outing/any other important event which I missed out filling in”.

Just imagine. 

No one would look at your pearly whites… they would notice that zit.

Your pretty face won’t get a Facebook like… but that zit would invite many comments.

Almost every person you talk to won’t look at your eyes… but they’ll be glued to that zit..!!

Almost everyone will make you so conscious that you will be tormented for the entire event.

You’ll feel like just smearing it out of your beautiful face and ending the agony.
But we all know that step has never been a good option.
The after effects will give you an attack higher than what it made you experience. 
I remember one specific moment in my college life when one zit had made its way on my forehead.

It got so popular that day that people from different divisions came to visit as if my face is a museum and that zit is a 21st century masterpiece.
Some of them laughed, some gave me their sympathetic “Aww” and some gave me regular nuskhas and advices which frankly I’ve heard, tried and works rarely.

But I did try this new face wash for the past 2 weeks. So would like to share my experience.

Net Content – 100g
Price – 80/-
Usage – Twice a day.


You can be rest assured with this face wash as it’s enriched with the power of real neem leaf extract and tea-tree oil.
It helps prevent pimples by eliminating germs, deep cleaning of pores and extracting excess oil from our delicate skin.

Now I’ve used it for 2 weeks and yes there is a decent change since then. 

Not that the pimples have gone away like magic, but it has cleared the spots alongside fighting the dirt element which is usually my number 1 preference while purchasing a face wash.
I travel a lot sometimes and my face seriously gets really dirty. 

When I use my handkerchief to wipe my face during the day, I can literally see dirt on it.
Since using it, I must say, they have more or less lived up to their claim which is a good thing in today’s time where almost every random brand claims to provide the best of the results.

The only con I see in this product is that it might not suit some of the skin types to the utmost potential that the face wash has.

Also people expecting results within one day will have their hearts broken when I say that it will take at least more than a day to get rid of that pimple.

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