Quikr NXT Is Here

Quikr is the platform for anyone and everyone who wants to buy or sell a variety of products.

This is a boon for the needs of many sellers and buyers as they get what they want i.e. the sellers get their expected price whereas the buyer gets the product which he/she longed for.

It also is a curse when things go haywire. Negotiations, never ending calls, spamming etc eat up your mind so much that sometimes you remove your advertisement from the site.

But what can we do? We want to buy/sell products without being harassed by spammers. We want privacy so that only the real prospective buyers can chat with us. We want the whole process to be hassle free.

Quikr realized these issues their customers were feeling. After brainstorming for quite a while “Quikr NXT” came into existence.

They have laid more emphasis on chatting and privacy of the buyer/seller.

Here are few of the reasons why Quikr NXT is a good option for us and why chatting is better than phone calls.

  • Privacy of Contact details:

Any day of the week, this would be my top priority. I know I need to sell some of my products. But that also means me exposing my personal number to almost everyone using Quikr.

Due to this I’m exposed to people who just want to pass their time, are not interested in buying, and spammers of course.

I would prefer only talking to people who are really interested in the product rather than waste my time.

So Quikr has now come up with the chat feature where the contact details are kept private. So there are no more worries.

Also I prefer chatting than calls. At least we can leave a message anytime of the day. Being on a call throughout the day at any time interval is not possible for almost anyone.

  • Real time photos and video sharing:

Now forgive me but photos displayed and the actual products can sometimes have a contrasting change.

Quikr through their chat feature has got this problem solved too. Now you can ask the opposite party to not only send you pictures of the products, but also ask them to take a video.

E.g. Incase it’s a desktop/television set, you would want the buyer to take a video which covers the video from front to the back. So there will be ease in negotiations.

  • Chat history as a medium of Proof:

Chat history can act as a valid medium of proof as it can help find the negotiations withheld for the said product. Also it can help find which seller quoted what price in order to avoid confusion.

These features all together prove to be time saving for the consumers. Whether it’s a buyer or a seller, a lot of time is saved on either ends.

So thank you Quikr, you’ve made it very simple for us to trade our products.

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