Talking Isn’t Cleaning

Swacch Bharat Abhiyan is like the new mantra of us Indians.
Our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi wishes to see a clean India within the next 5-7 years.
All he wants us to do is throw the garbage in the bin.
He wants us to not only dirty our surrounding but also make sure it’s clean.

My question;

Aren’t we as humans supposed to do that anyways?

Why does someone have to tell us to clean our own area?

Shouldn’t this be our general understanding?
Do we like living in filth?
If you just walk around your own area, I’m afraid the answer will be a straight big YES!!!

Just imagine… your own nation’s prime minister has thousands of important duties and what is he stuck on?

He is stuck on the most primary task i.e. a clean nation.

His approach of starting from the grass root problems is what I adore.
It’s a shame that this program had to be started for us to clean our minds, our head so that we clean our area.
So there it goes…
Shame on us!

What I find funny is the double standards we people have.
We like to dirty our place and then take a broom, pose for the shutterbugs and then instagram that moment.
Below is a humorous take by “Nisheeth TV” who in the video has exposed our double standards.
It’s quite funny and hilarious when you watch it.

In this video, they find culprits who either take a piss anywhere, who spread garbage anywhere but in the dustbins.

They film the entire moment.

After they are done with their deed and walk with no shame, these guys find the culprits and pretend to take an interview regarding Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

You’ll be amazed with their replies.

I couldn’t stop laughing.

The culprits spoke like true saints would speak.
They said it’s bad to see people pissing on the roads, spreading filth etc.
The guy who himself took a nature’s call said that people shouldn’t be doing it as it spreads bacteria.
Another female who threw a plastic cup spoke of how the environment will be better if everyone stops throwing stuff around.
Others spoke the same way.


They were clearly oblivious to what was going to happen next.
Watch it to find out the epic ending.

I can conclude from what I just saw is the harsh reality of us.

On one side we speak of cleaning, but we don’t implement it ourselves.

Thus please stop talking, do the cleaning as,
Talking isn’t Cleaning!!!
The Great Indian Litterbug is also one such initiative which exposes our reality.
Visit their page and check out the awesome gallery and videos of people creating art in our country by filling it with filth.

The website – The Great Indian



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