Y is for Yeuk

Y is for Yeuk.

Which  means to itch.

My choice for this word is because it’s funny.

I’m sure there might have been occasions when you have to itch, but the place, the situation and the people around make your life more miserable than it already feels like.

You want to itch, but there are people around.

Sometimes it gets so worse, that you either have to use your brain at full capacity to find out ways and means to itch without being caught awkwardly.

Image credit – medicalnewstoday.com
For me there have been many such occasions. When in line for communion in mass, there’s an itch and I seriously cannot even think of itching due to the crowd around me.

The feeling is almost funny as it is unbearable right?

So tell me;
Have there been any such itchy occasions and how you dealt with them?

Have a nice day.

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