Z is for Zappy

After finalizing on 3 words I finally chose zappy.

The other 2 being;

       Zenzizenzizenzic which is the eight power of a number and,

       Zythum which is the ancient Egyptian beer.

Z is for Zappy.

Which means lively and entertaining.

For my final post I chose this word as it fits best to give a tribute to the most lovely and entertaining challenge I have ever participated in i.e. “A to Z challenge”

The concept is what catches the eye of every blogger. Just imagine how many new words or experiences we can read from this challenge.
I saw over 2000 people registering for this challenge this year which made me realize people all over the world will be here. So I’ll surely get to learn something new.

I surely got a lot of page views, followers, comments in abundance. But mainly, I learnt how much the blogging world is evolving.
There are so many talented guys who portrayed their work every day through new alphabets.

Some just posted beautiful poems, snapshots, stories etc.
I liked them all. I’m sorry for missing out on the blogs which I could not read.

And I’m happy for completing this challenge. Last year, I did not take part. This year, I did and it was a success for me.

I would finally like to thank “The Phronristery” from where I chose all my words right from A-Z to make it more interesting and to help I and all you guys to learn new words.

I would like to thank the “A-Z challenge” for giving me so much of exposure and the chance to view so many new talented bloggers.
Thank You.

Image credit – imagesbuddy.com

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