Xacuti Chicken

X is for Xacuti – A to Z Challenge 2020

Xacuti, Chacuti, or Sagoti! No matter what you call this spicy curry, it indeed is a treat to your taste buds.

Xacuti Chicken is one of the most famous curries in Goa. It is created using white poppy seeds, tamarind, chili, and many more ingredients.

Where can I find the best Xacuti in Goa?

You can find this special Goan curry at high-end restaurants, & shacks at beaches all over Goa. But if you wish to know the best place for Xacuti, then it will be the home-cooked version. The traditional xacuti will taste the best when cooked at home. Locals create this curry to perfection and you would love the taste too.

Chicken Xacuti recipe:

If you are looking to create this authentic Goan curry, then I shall help in whatever ways I can. Here are recipe options for this Goan special in vegetarian and non-vegetarian. I have chosen meats like Chicken, Mutton, Prawns, & Crabs. In vegetarian, you can check the mushroom recipe in Hindi, & English.

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I hope you have a good time recreating this special spicy Goan curry.

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