When You Lose Somebody……

As he whisked around the vicinity, he could see many people, with dim faces.
Dim… due to the fact that his friend had left his earthly journey.
Many had gathered around his home where the body had been kept.
He, like others mustered up the courage he needed to face his friend, one last time!!!
One last time…….. he said to himself…. & went into an array of thoughts..!!
The thoughts vanished the minute he laid his eyes on the body.
Just a look on his face, & he couldn’t believe what had become of his cheerful friend.
A tear had raced past, he felt weak as he cried.
The tears never seemed to stop like a dam in full throttle mode.
Every memory of him resurfaced, & he felt a gaping hole inside him, the one which made him realize that it was not a friend he lost.
It was his brother, his best friend, his everything……..
And then he had this one question which would haunt him for a long time….
How can I cope without you??? He said…

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