Book sale in Churchgate till 14th April

For Everyone who lives in Mumbai, a good news!!
There is a book sale, in Sunderbai Hall, situated in Churchgate.
The sale has over thousands of books, from variety of genres, right from history, cooking, Fiction novels child fiction, Mills & Boon, Autobiographies etc.
The pricing is really the best i have ever seen.
As stated in the above pic, you pay 100 rupees for 1 kilo of books.
Awesome nah?
I’ve been visiting here from 2 years.
This year too, the sale didn’t disappoint me.
I mostly ran to search for Game of thrones & Lord of the Rings.
Although i didn’t get the two main books i longed for, i did find some good books too.
 This is my collection.
The price i paid for this = 400 rupees only.
I’m happy.
This will keep me occupied for many months to come .
So i request fellow bloggers to spread the word to every reader, and the ones who love books.
This sale is once in 6 months.
You never know when an opportunity as such will return!!
Happy reading!!

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