5 Places to visit before i bid adieu…

There are many places which can come in this list.

But since its Top 5, i have cut-shorted it..

1) Stamford Bridge, London

My dream….. i have to be here once before I’m done with this life..

I have been a true fan of Chelsea Football Club (C.F.C), from over 7 years.

My wish is to watch a match in this stadium.. feel the energy, the applauds, the chants, the booing,  the emotions.

I’d buy that ticket, no matter what.

Hell, if it means to beat some one up for that ticket, dance on the street like a drunk lunatic…… I’d do it without thinking twice!!

2) Bora Bora, France


Aaaaah….. Just the view is itself mesmerizing.

Whenever i view a post on top places to visit in one lifetime, this comes on maximum lists.

I too read about this, some time back, and made it a point to pin it in my bucket list..!!

3) Christ the redeemer, Brazil

I have seen this image many times, in movies & as a catholic, have always dreamt of going here.

What a sight it must be nah….

Have to be there once to spend some time with the almighty!!

4) Tianzi Mountains, China


Ever since i saw the movie “Avatar” i researched about these mountains, & was left spell bound when i realized the history of this place.

5) Kashmir Valley, India:

Dal Lake and Shikaras

I haven’t been to north India… not once..

I know there are many places there worth visiting, & i would start with this one.

I’ve heard Dal lake is one attractive spot..!!!

So have to be there!!

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