F is for Fadoodle (Worthlessness)- ABCW

F is for Fadoodle which means Worthlessness and nonsense.

The plain reason I chose this word is due to the funny way this word sounds like. Fa–Doodle! But the meaning of this word is not funny at all.

I also remember how in the cartoon, Dexter would shout Dee-Dee. I am pretty sure that Fadoodle was created using Dee-Dee in mind. What do you think?

Nonsense is present in every speech. There’s always someone in every group who speaks utter nonsense from time to time. Do you have someone as such in your group?

Very honestly he/she is doing the group a huge favor. It’s due to their nonsensical thoughts that awaken our brain cells from time to time. I too have someone as such in the group who speaks utter nonsense from time to time.

Yes! They speak worthlessness and nonsense. Our brain is woken with those silly words and we either ponder upon it or speak back. In many ways, our mind stays active because of these people.

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