Top 5 Wedding Xpectations for every couple

X is for Wedding Expectations

Getting a good night’s sleep before the wedding day seems like a Myth, don’t you think?

Some have parties that go on until the wee hours while the rest either are busy in last-minute preparations or are freaking out. Hence getting a few good hours of sleep is not possible.

There are many such wedding expectations a couple has before the wedding day.

Here’s a list of 5 such expectations a couple has before their wedding day.

1. Hair, make-up, dressing on point:

Nobody wants to look like a regular guest during their wedding. Hence you focus on hair, make-up, and dressing. There’s a lot of expectation a couple has so they can look at their best.

2. No hassle during ceremony/reception:

Another expectation deals with the wedding ceremony and reception. The couple expects everything to go as smoothly planned as possible.

If any last-minute cancellations, lighting issues, etc happens, it can affect how your reception ends. So no last-minute jitters, okay?

3. Food is good:

Yes, how can we forget the food? Most of your guests will like your wedding if the food is amazing. Hence any hiccup in the food department can cause you unimaginable stress. Let’s hope for the best on that day!

4. First Dance / Fumbling during speech:

Catholic weddings have the first dance. A few others might have a speech by the couple thanking everyone who came for the wedding.

Fumbling during the speech or missing steps and looking like a fool in the first dance is a nightmare for any couple. Let’s practice a lot and ensure that doesn’t happen.

wedding expectations

5. Photos:

Lastly, the main event is incomplete minus the photos. If you have more pictures with your mouth wide open while eating, then you’ve got a problem.

Couples have the highest expectations for getting memorable pictures. Hence invest your time in finding the right photographer for your wedding, okay!

What are my thoughts on the wedding expectations?

I’ve just listed down 5 but there are many more expectations a couple has. It can be a stressful experience but in the end, everything turns out alright and you enjoy your wedding day.

What are your thoughts on wedding expectations? Is there any point you wish to add? Leave a comment and let me know.

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