How to Plan the Best Bachelor Spinster Party

Y is Your Last Bachelor Spinster moment

As we have reached the penultimate posts in the series, it feels apt to talk about the last bachelor spinster moment.

Bachelor/spinster parties are a known tradition before the couple tied the knot. I’m sure you will have an idea of wild parties with some of your friends or if you’ve watched the movie “Hangover”.

To ensure, everyone has the best time and no one crosses any boundaries, here are a few tips you can follow to have a kick-ass party.

When to have a bachelor spinster party?

Ideally, it’s never a good idea to have a party too close to the wedding. It’s best if you can plan the party anywhere between 1-3 months before the wedding.

Where to have it?

I highly suggest that you look for a resort, villa, Airbnb, or even a known person’s farmhouse. This helps you have fun minus having to worry about anyone making a fuss.

If there’s no such option, you can always have a party at your place.

Whom to invite for your bachelor spinster party?

Ideally, the groom or bride call their best friends and at max their siblings/cousins. In case you’re planning to call your partner’s father, brother/sister, you must be clear up to when they can stay (depending on the type of games and activities that are planned).

Themes & Dresses:

It’s a trend now to keep theme-based parties. If you have such an idea, plan well in advance and inform your guests so they can make arrangements for the dresses accordingly.

Go to a different place:

It’s not cool to visit the same place that you guys/girls keep visiting. Since this is a special party, go to a new place.

Your last bachelor spinster party

Keep an eye on the groom/bride:

This is the duty of the Best man and maid of honor. Don’t let the groom/bride do anything that they will regret at this party.

It might sound fun and everyone will laugh but you must keep an eye on them and ensure they’re fine and within their boundaries. Everyone else in their party is on their own.

Plan games and have fun:

It’s okay if you want to keep a light dinner and a few drinks. But planning some games can take the party to the next level. Depending on the party guests, plan the games and have fun.

What are my thoughts on the last bachelor spinster party?

Well, it’s your special party. If your friends can plan a kick-ass party for you, I’m sure you’ll have the best time of your life. Don’t do something stupid that you’ll regret.

What about you? Is there a special/funny story you wish to share? Leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “How to Plan the Best Bachelor Spinster Party”

  1. This I find is a particularly Western idea. Do Indian Catholics follow this as a tradition? I know now many girls are following this tradition irrespective of their religious beliefs but I still find it very strange that you would waste precious money/resources on such an extragavance when you have a big expense like a wedding coming up. Thank God my girls got married before this practice became a MUST in Indian weddings

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hahaha, that’s good for you. Most couples do have their set of parties. It ends up as a night-over in someone’s house or in some villa/resort.

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