Here’s why Food and Drinks is a game-changer in any Wedding

F is for Food and Drink – A to Z Challenge 2021

Khaane mein kya hai?

This is often the first question that one asks when they approach the food counter.

Whether it’s vegetarian or non-vegetarian, guests act as critics in a wedding with regards to food and the wedding caterers.

Trust me, it can be a make-or-break scenario. If the food is good, guests have good memories of your wedding. If not, then there’s a good topic to bitch and gossip about.

Yes, I have been to my share of weddings and have been part of such discussions too. It’s natural and a few of you might have at some point been in such discussions on food and the wedding caterer.

Hence the couple often will visit various wedding caterers for tastings. This helps them decide the best food for the reception.

wedding caterer

The same applies to drinks. Now, this is where the game can change for you. Adding a bar counter to your wedding can drastically change the outcome of your main event.

But it all boils down to one aspect;

How much are you ready to shell on food and drinks (wedding caterer)?

Food-per-plate via wedding caterers doesn’t come cheap. Even adding an extra appetizer can drastically increase the cost per plate.

The same applies to drinks. Getting the license, bottles, etc is costly. Hence visiting multiple wedding caterers and getting the best quote must be on your first task list.

What are my thoughts on Food and Drink (wedding caterer)?

Food and drinks are important. But don’t forget it’s your important day. You don’t have to please everyone by adding everything to the menu. Add what’s needed and what fits your budget.

Spending 3-5 lakhs on food which is just for a few hours will not make sense. That money is through your hard work. Don’t let it go to waste. Plan smartly, spend wisely.

What are your thoughts on food and drinks at weddings?

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18 thoughts on “Here’s why Food and Drinks is a game-changer in any Wedding”

  1. Food is an integral part of weddings and as you said guests do pick on the food to declare the wedding a success or flop. I think there needs to be a rational amount of variety in food. A person can eat max 7-8 varieties of food in one sitting. Why create endless counters of them! Maharashtrian weddings however do not have drinks, except for maybe Aam panna or soft drinks.

  2. I agree with you . But in all honesty the weddings I remember the most were the lavish ones with unlimited budgets Coe the best wine and food one could offer . If you have the money SPEND because one remembers food and drink long after the wedding .

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      I agree. People remember weddings that were well spent. But some weddings I remember were not lavish but damn entertaining. Games, activities, dance, and it was one heck of a night!

  3. Food is very important at any celebrations especially weddings. It is important to get the food right and tasty. But I do feel sometimes that it is so much pressure on the people hosting the wedding as one cannot please everyone.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Exactly. The pressure is a lot as people who don’t like the food often term the wedding as a dud which isn’t fair.

  4. Food and Drinks are an integral part of Indian weddings, as important as the different rites and rituals. But of course wastage is a major issue and as you suggest, planning smartly should help in minimizing wastage.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Sandy, that’s true. Wastage is never appreciated. With the right planning, you can minimize food wastage at weddings.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Most weddings are planned to keep the food experience in mind. I just don’t like the pressure the couple goes through getting the best caterer so everyone likes the food.

  5. Food is always a game changer for any occasion especially wedding , birthday parties and all. Drinks are now a important part of any wedding and I bet everyone has their eyes on it in any wedding.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Pamela, totally. Weddings nowadays have drinks by default. Not everyone but a few keeps it. And yes, the eyes are all set on when the drinks counter opens!

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