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Guest List for a Wedding – Guide to help you include and exclude!

Should we add them to the guest list? Oh God, this is so confusing.

The Guestlist can be quite challenging for any couple. It’s difficult to choose whom to call and whom not to. Before COVID struck us, the guest list was just a problem. Now, it has become a bigger problem.

With guest counts limited to 50, it is very difficult to add all the people you want for your wedding. If you have a bigger family, then you won’t need to spend on wedding invitation cards as your marriage will become a family affair.

Then how to choose the right guest list?

I was thinking of all the weddings I have attended (family and friends) where I know how they created their guest list. I’ll divide them into parts and explain them.

wedding invitation card

1. As per family:

This is the style where your parents decide the guest list. Of course, they will give you a set number of guests you can call on your own (Friends, colleagues, etc).

2. As per Peer pressure:

Sometimes we add people to the guest list whom we don’t wish to invite. This is just because they had invited us or our parents for their main event. It becomes like an obligation to invite them to your wedding.

3. As per the couple:

Here’s something I’ve noticed in the past few years. The couple pays for the wedding and hence they take autonomy on deciding the guest list.

Only the couple will decide who makes the cut and gets the wedding invitation card.

What are my thoughts on the wedding guest list?

Sending the wedding invitation card is an important task for the couple. They take time to decide whom to call for their main day. I believe that in the time that we are living in today; inviting the people that matter makes sense.

Your budget too will give you clarity in deciding whom to invite. Also, if you have relatives who are senior citizens, you can choose to maintain a family wedding affair. In the end, do what you wish as it’s your wedding. Don’t let others influence your guest list.

What do you think? How should one choose their guest list?

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  1. This is a very contentious issue . I almost called off my daughter’s wedding because this was another issue we fought over bitterly .

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