V is for Vafrous – A to Z Challenge 2015

V is for Vafrous.

Which means cunning or sly.

This word has a negative feeling attached to it the moment you read it.
I know what it means. But sometimes being cunning or sly is not bad either, right?

It’s a skill some possess where they find a way to get things done or achieve a certain result in a smart or deceitful way.
Why they do that?

Maybe they think doing it in the normal way will not give them the result they want to achieve.

Maybe they don’t want people to know how they are doing it. They feel if people know, then someone will do it better than them.

So maybe they feel a bit insecure and that’s why they behave that way. Doesn’t mean they are always bad.

Image credit – emojipedia.org
What do you think?

Agree with me?

Want to pelt stones on me for talking like this?

Talk to me.

Have a nice day.
This post is written as a part of A-Z challenge 2015 where bloggers from all around the world will blog for the whole month, daily based on all the alphabets in chronological order. You can read more such beautiful posts on their website.

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