Thursday Challenge – GLASSES (2019)

Update – My post was originally written in December 2015 and since I cannot find apt images, I’ve tried my best to match them!

Whenever I used to look at all Glasses 2019 I would only wonder, how many shapes of glasses are there in the world.

Glasses can be in different shapes, colors, and whatnot. There are different glasses 2019 shapes for each type of alcohol.

A beer glass is different from a whiskey glass. A cocktail glass will be different from a Vodka glass and so on! It’s quite amazing and hence this week’s theme made sense!

So this week’s theme deals with the word ” GLASS (Bottle, Container, Window, Mirror, Broken, Shattered)

So I have a few images for this theme which you’ll will surely like. The images have a colorful touch.

Glasses 2019

Had clicked this when at an Italian & Mexican themed restaurant named La Basilico. The decor and ambiance were worth a lot more than the food they served.

This is another image from that same restaurant. Liked their sense of style.

glass 2019

So here is my entry for this theme and I hope that you like it. Do you have any exceptional pictures of glasses? If yes, then do share them with me.

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