ABC Wednesday – W is for Wondermonger (Miracles)

This week’s theme is related to the letter “W“. So the word I’ve chosen is Wonder-Monger. It signifies one who promises miracles!

What do I think about miracles?

In today’s time, we promise a lot of people things that sound realistic to us but not to everyone. It almost looks like if we achieve that feat, it would be nothing lesser than a miracle.

Forget everyone, we make promises to ourselves too but do we fulfill them? I want you to ponder on this thought.

If you ask me, I believe in miracles. Yes, some days I think all my problems will be sorted, I will get a billion dollars in my account and can live my life in a manner I see fit.

But 2 years ago, that thought changed! Do you wanna know how?

I began doing things and not praying for miracles. I realized I am the reason and means for my success. It took me time to get used to taking efforts, completing work on time, and being consistent.

But after a year of these efforts, what I am today is nothing short of success. I have learned how to be disciplined, good at my job, save money for the future and some time even splurges on myself. Hey, I’ve earned it, haven’t I?


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9 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday – W is for Wondermonger (Miracles)”

  1. a wonderful choice for this weeks challenging letter… one that makes people think, and that is you’re idea, and a good one…

    I rarely make promisses though, but if i do… i keep them, at least, i always try the very best to.

    Have a nice ABC-day/-week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

    1. Hey, yes i do mean a lot more than I’ve put on paper. But no matter how many paragraphs i’d write, it would always boil down to the simple fact of us openly making promises, but not keeping them. Thus i kept the post short and sweet. Happy ABCW.

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