M is for Mentatiferous (Telepathic) & Metachronism – A to Z Challenge 2016

M is for Mentatiferous which means telepathic.

Telepathy is always known as a gift or a blessing. If you are telepathically connected to someone, you won’t even need to speak a word and the other person will still understand it.

A funny memory got a smile on my face when I read about this word today. We all have one or a few more friends/family members whom we can speak to without even opening our mouth.

Yes, it happens. I have few instances when there was not a word spoken but my friends and I knew what we all were thinking about. It’s funny when you think about how it is possible for this to happen but it does.

I’d like to end by asking you a question; Has a Telepathic situation ever happened to you? Few times? Countless times? Never?

M is for Metachronism which means an error of dating an event too late.

This is for all those who forget an important event in their life, like an anniversary, birthday, etc.

When I saw this word all I could think of are the videos from the brand “Imperial Blue”. The ads showcase the tagline “Men Will Be Men”.

Here, the men either forget the name of their wife, the anniversary date and there’s an elevator scene where the men take a deep breath, try to hide their paunch until the hot girl leaves the elevator! Hilarious ads I tell you!

Here, watch a few videos below and enjoy!

I request you to take these videos lightly and they aren’t just plain sexist jokes. It’s a light heart comedy special.

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This post is written as a part of the A-Z challenge 2016 where bloggers from all around the world will blog for the whole month, daily based on all the alphabets in chronological order.

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