Top 5 Non Chinese Smartphone in India

The Invention of the Smartphone is perhaps one of the best things that have ever happened with us humans.

When Frank Canova invented the Smartphone, he surely didn’t know how his invention would be amplified. Today, we have many brands looking to invent a new feature so they can boast to have the best Smartphone in the world.

The competition increases with each year and hence we people are spoilt for choices. But lately, with the India-China matters going from bearable to worse, many Indians are now trying to look for made in India phones that are non-Chinese.

This is because we want to reduce our dependency on Chinese products. While it’s difficult to remove them from our lives instantly, we can try doing it one product at a time.

Keeping this in mind, I have created a list of Top 5 Non Chinese Smartphone in India.

Not only are these phones good, but most of them are from reputed brands. This list is short but will cover every budget.

1. Apple iPhone SE 2020:

How can we have a non Chinese Smartphone list without Apple?  This brand is often touted as the best Smartphone in India. They always come up with flagship phones that cost a lot and every year we get to see selling kidney meme jokes. But with the SE model, Apple brings to us an affordable made in India Smartphone. Here are its specifications.

Price – 39,900 for 64GB version

Release date – April 2020


Space – 64GB – 256GB

Primary Camera – 12MP

Selfie Camera – 7MP

Screen Size – 4.7 inches

Battery life – 1821 mAh Li-Ion

2. Samsung S20:

After Apple, Samsung is one of the best non Chinese Smartphone brands in the country because over the years it has launched phones for each budget. Yes, you can not only get the best non Chinese Smartphone under 40000 but also expect to get a high-end flagship phone that can cost up to 1 lakh rupees. The S20 phone works amazingly well and also happen to be the latest Smartphone by Samsung.

Price – 49,999 – 97,999

Year Released – March 2020

RAM – 6GB – 16GB

Space – 128GB to 256GB

Primary Camera – 12MP + 64MP + 12MP (Triple camera)

Selfie Camera – 10MP

Screen Size – 6.2 inches

Battery life – 4000-4500 Li-Po mAh

If you’re looking for a second option that’s cheaper and is the best Smartphone camera under 20000, then you can opt for the latest Samsung Galaxy M31S – 18,499 (Aug 2020, 6-8GB RAM, 128GB space, 64+12+5+5MP Primary + 32MP Selfie camera, 6.5 inches screen size, and 6000 mAh Li-Po)

3. Asus 6Z:

Asus is one of the best non Chinese Smartphone companies that are better known for its desktop and laptop segment. If you’re looking for the best non Chinese Smartphone under 30000, then the 6Z is exactly what you need. Here are its specifications.

Price – 27,999

Year Released – May 2019

RAM – 6GB – 8GB

Space – 64GB to 256GB

Primary Camera – 48MP

Selfie Camera – 48MP (Motorized flip-up primary camera)

Screen Size – 6.4 inches

Battery life – 5000 mAh Li-Po

The Second option – If you’re looking for a Smartphone with best camera and a high-end gaming phone then the Asus ROG Phone 3 is just what you need – 52,999 (July 2020, 8-16GB RAM, 128-512GB space, 64MP Primary + 24MP Selfie camera, 6.59 inches screen size, and 6000 mAh Li-Po)

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4. LG G8X ThinQ:

LG is another company that’s better known for other lifestyle products than their mobile phones. However, they are one of the best non Chinese Smartphone companies in India. Their G8X ThinQ model is pretty insane and a high-end flagship phone.

Price – 51,999

Year Released – Nov 2019


Space – 128GB

Primary Camera – 12MP +13MP

Selfie Camera – 32MP

Screen Size – 6.4 inches

Battery life – 4000 mAh Li-Po

5. Nokia 8.1:

How can we have a list like this minus Nokia? More than a decade ago, Nokia was the best Smartphone brand in India and had the best Smartphone for photography and music. But, post-Android entering the market, new players went ahead and Nokia lost its way. One of the latest Smartphone by Nokia is 8.1.

Price – 18,999

Year Released – Dec 2018


Space – 64GB

Primary Camera – 12MP + 13MP

Selfie Camera – 20MP

Screen Size – 6.18 inches

Battery life – 3500 mAh Li-Ion

Overall, there are many more non Chinese Smartphone in India but I gave a lot of thought to choose and give you a refined list.

Here you not only will get model names but also understand different brands too.

I hope you like this list of Top 5 Non Chinese Smartphone in India and can use it as a reference

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Sense8 on Netflix cast

8 Reasons to Watch Sense8 on Netflix

I’ve been watching this amazing show called Sense8 on Netflix. Everyone who knows me understands the snail’s pace I take usually to complete a season of any show. It takes me months. But here, I got done within 2 weeks!

The entire concept made me go bonkers and hence I have compiled a list of 8 reasons why you must not at all miss this show. Please read them and definitely add this to your list of shows to watch before you die.

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1. Concept: How would you feel when you realize you are connected to 7 people and they are to you. The show’s main storyline dwells on 8 different individuals who are a new breed of humans who are connected to each other and can feel, speak, think what the other person is going through.

2. Diversity in Casting: They have ensured to bring in the authenticity here by bringing 8 people of different nationalities. The cast of Sense8 is top-notch!

This means with the cast of Sense8 you will see 8 different countries, different cultures, different emotions, and languages in the series.

3. Exploring different individuals: I like the way they have added so much of genuineness in their stories. You will find people who are straight, homosexual, and transgender here. That’s how real as a story can get, right?

4. Surprising elements: The 8 connect in such a fashion that they can use each other’s skills and language too. Don’t be surprised if you find a German talk in Hindi or an Icelander talk in Korean!

5. Storyline: The storyline in Season 1 is more of a grasping material for all of us as we try to understand if this concept is true and that if we can feel what another person is feeling thousands of miles away. The story moves quickly & it will make you think and you will love them all.

6. Emotional connect: Finding someone to talk to when you are sad is very important. Many don’t get to do that and either slip into a dark place or even worse. Here, when someone feels sad or needs help, the others can come to their aid.

Wouldn’t that be amazing if we got that opportunity too?

7. Direction: It is a task, trust me when I as a viewer finds it difficult to place who is talking in one scene. I can hardly imagine how they directed each sequence showing different characters performing a single task in the same way! A grand salute for them for their good work.

8. Breaking stereotypes: Did you know that when I say they all can feel each other’s pain, I really meant it. A man can feel the pain when one of the females has menstrual cramp pain.

If one of them gets pregnant, a man would immediately feel everything, right from the joy, pain, and irritation! It is indeed different and not something that I’ve seen in many shows.

Sense8 Cast

Here are my 8 reasons to watch this show. Don’t worry. There are no spoilers as such which will ruin your series watching experience. It’s something that I really want people to watch and hence please do check this out.

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As of date, the possibility of a Sense8 Season 3 is doubtful. Netflix insisted they don’t wish to continue this epic series. The Sense8 cast loved the Sense8 season 2 finale and so did we! 

If you haven’t watched Sense8 on Netflix yet, now is the time to do that!

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Arwa Farms – A Nature Friendly Destination

Imagine a place where you are standing still.

All that’s around you is greenery.

There are calm winds creating a soothing sound.

You do nothing but get immersed in this moment.

This moment is of nothingness.

Sometimes doing nothing is good.

Arwa farms are one such place that has all of the above. This is the brainchild of ace photographer Fawzan Husain, a photographer who has been in the corporate industry for almost 2 decades capturing moments commercially and also in Bollywood. He now has created a place that’s organic, nature friendly and perfect for those who like to unwind with a calm environment away from the city.

The owner of Arwa Farms, Fawzan weaving magic.
Capturing a moment of the man who himself is awaiting to click that perfect shot

The meaning of Arwa is “Pure”. As the name suggests, Arwa Farms is a pure source of environment in or around Mumbai.

You can find this farm 15-20 minutes away from Dahanu Rd station. For Mumbaikars, this should not be more than a 2-3 hour drive away. On the first look, you can witness the house being made using the bare minimum of non-nature-friendly materials. Using bricks, wood, and every other nature-friendly material, this place has been created.

The bed too is so comfortable and again nature friendly
There's old artifacts and phones!

There are many rooms which can accommodate a group of 4-5 in a single room and also a separate room for couples. They have open space on the ground floor and also on the first floor. Both the open spaces are amazing, windy and perfect for playing games, huddling up and sharing stories and also having a drink and enjoying your dinner.

The ambiance in this Mumbai staycation is amazing.
The owner of Arwa Farms explaining the organic process for the plants.
Fawzan explaining how the manure is made!

The area of Arwa farms totals to 7 acres.

Yes, 7 long acres of greenery, plantation of lemongrass, dragon fruits, and pineapple, different leaves which are good for your health and many more. The manure is created here on the farm and utilized for growing everything. Most of the food you get to try has been grown on the farm itself. Having unpolished food, salt, sugar, etc was something I only experienced back in Mangalore. It was nostalgic for me to be here and remember my home town.

Same goes for dal and the rest of the food.
The bowl is nature friendly and food is organic in Arwa Farms

When someone will ask me, what’s the hot topic about this place that makes me visit it instantly; I would say “There is nothing here”. Only like-minded people will understand & rejoice to visit such a place. There is no air conditioning and television. The network connection fluctuates all the time. If you like to connect with nature minus technology and leisure, this is the place you ought to visit. My stay here was nothing less than exceptional. Fawzan was an amazing host. On the farm daily, you can find him with the workers helping around with the farming. His creation is a way of giving back to nature and that’s what I adore. It takes a lot of passion and will take so much effort.

Greenery in Dahanu, Mumbai is too good to be true.
The nature surrounding Arwa Farms, Dahanu is epic.

To make a booking for stay;

Address – Arwa Farms, Chari Village Ashagad,
Near Hardik Farm, Dahanu Road, 401602
Contact – +91-9820298876 / +91-98202 70423
Cost – INR 1800/- person per day with complimentary breakfast (free for kids below 6 – check for availability while booking) 

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