When You Don’t Answer the Call

How many times has it happened that you call someone and they don’t pick up your call? What if the trend keeps continuing with an average of more than twice a week? Does that become a cause of worry? Do you get insecure?

Let me tell you what I do.

I FREAK OUT! Even if it is for a while, I freak out when my favorite humans don’t return my calls. I have a good patience level in these matters. I understand that everyone is busy and are juggling with priorities. These priorities leave little or no time for them to utilize in a conversation with me. But what I certainly don’t or cannot understand is the fact that why would it take someone more than a week to respond back?

Yes, I can logically and emotionally understand your perspective but not getting even 2 minutes out of an entire week cannot be justified unless something drastic has happened. It is not easy staying positive during this time as the insecurity builds at a rapid place. You are very likely to react in a very bad way and end up arguing with that person. That won’t end well.

I agree you want to vent out your disappointment and anger that they could not even provide you with the basic attention of 2 minutes. You expected something and they could not deliver. That hurts.

What you can do?

Well, for starters, not being angry is the main motto. Not raising your voice is the second. You can let the other person know that you are upset in a very civil tone. I know it takes time. (Believe me when I say this… I could have gotten angry earlier at the drop of a hat).

But please talk to that person whenever they call back. Remember that when you avoid them as a mode of payback, they might not understand. There will be a broken bridge between you two. Also, try thinking from their perspective as well. Give them the benefit of doubt. And finally, if you want to talk to someone or miss them, give them a call. Do not think it makes you look desperate or needy. Do not bring your ego in front. If you miss the person or want to talk to them, you give them a call or drop them a text. It’s totally their decision to answer or delay their response. But if you like them and their company, call them every time.

G is for Gobbledegook – A to Z Challenge 2018

G is for Gobbledegook which means a complicated language that is difficult to understand.

We can always talk in the most normal way when we are calm and thinking rationally. Everything is right on track and we know it. But what happens when there is pain or discomfort? Does speaking in a rational manner seem to be possible? While it might sound wrong but it is not possible to speak in a rational way when in pain. It almost is impossible to understand what the person wants to convey when they’re hurting.

There are emotions and memories along with possible future scenarios that are constantly running on their mind all day. Discussing even the minuscule errands with them can be disastrous. Yes, it’s true. When there are problems and sadness, it seems no one can understand what you’re trying to convey. It all looks too complicated for another person to understand.

If you see any one from your circle go through something as such, look for the signs. I’m saying signs because no one walks with a sign board stating they’re going through some problem. They’ll always have a smile when something good has happened but when sad, they’ll wear a smile like no other; that fake smile cannot be detected. Hence look for the signs when you see them speaking in a language that you cannot understand. It might not make sense. That’s your cue. Make sure you don’t leave them alone. No one likes to be alone. No one!

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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D is for Desultory – A to Z Challenge 2018

D is for Desultory which means lacking purpose or enthusiasm.

What is life without a purpose? Before you get too serious, let me pitch in by saying think on this aspect with regards to your current situation. When you wake up in the morning, what’s the purpose that keeps you going through life’s troubles all day? It can be money, passion, situations etc.

But there’s also a moment when that purpose just vanishes in thin air. Just gone, poof! Maybe we all have gone through that at one or more stages in this lifetime.I have gone through that a lot of times already but I choose to highlight two of those moments with you today. Both of them are from the time I was in search of a job.

I had sleepless nights with thoughts, plans, hate and doubt filled inside of me the first time. Sometimes I questioned if I’m fit enough. On other nights I’d dream of getting a good job soon and finally not be judged by everyone’s preying eyes. I did however not waste time on my hands. Firstly, learnt to swim. Secondly, I was overweight and lost 12 kilos in a span of 4-5 months and was in the best shape of my life. Also, I kept writing and believe it or not, there was money coming in form of sponsored posts, contests etc.

I did survive that stage. So will you. All you need to do is to eliminate desultory. Learn something whether it is to cook, drive, a new skill, language etc. It’s the purpose of learning that should never diminish within you. If that purpose is dead, you’ll always have this emptiness that’ll eat you up every night. Doing something is better than nothing. Do it with clear intent and you’ll never be the same person ever. You’ll be better.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

You can check my posts of this series right from 2015 till date – CLICK HERE