Introspection via Quora

Today, i woke up with just one thought running on my mind.

It was from a post I might have read either on some blog or on Quora. But it lingered around enough to brew another plan for me.

I usually do not prefer to answer properly (as people around me tell). They think I’m sarcastic, always take another meaning of what they tell me and look for their faults and be mean to them.

They are not entirely wrong.

I kinda realized lately that I’ve been focusing on wrong aspects.

So as I sip on my morning cuppa tea and listen to Adele swoon everyone at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, I decided to just focus on what’s good, try to not get angry every often and to finally think before i speak. (P.S- I’m known to be the person who jumps first and think later)

I spoke to some friends online.

Also tried being polite to my colleagues in office.

I thought twice before commenting or judging anyone for what they said.

These are the replies I got from them;

  1. Is everything okay with you?
  2. Did you listen to a religious podcast today?
  3. What did we do now?
  4. Are you in love?
  5. Why are you doing this now?
  6. Stop being so creepy. Be you!

That’s when i realized the image i have in front of them.

In not less than 9 hours of me trying this, i got to know what people perceive of me. Is it their fault?.. NO!

It did sting that they had so much to say, but none said it’s good for a change that you’re being like this.

However on the positive note, this new version gave me a few things too;

  1. My mind was free. I could just feel the calmness.
  2. I didn’t need to comment/judge. That actually made me feel light.
  3. Also i could think about so much what i can do during my day instead of overthinking situations,past moments and how i could alter them.

I kinda like this. I may not be able to keep up with it all the time. But i sure as hell know what can be done to be a better person.

Have you ever tried something as such?

It doesn’t need to be exactly like what i did. There surely will be some thought that bothers about yourself. If there is, try facing it and “Being you” is the key to succeeding out of these problems.

So this was the mantra of the day.

If i come up with something new, you’d definitely be the first person to know.


2 thoughts on “Introspection via Quora”

  1. I have this habit of jumping instinctively but with time, I am trying to be cautious now before speaking and acting. Less anger, more calm and composure. Guess, we become wise and grow as time passes us:)

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