Formula 1 – Bahrain Grand Prix 2014

Bahrain was lit up like a prized possession.


The race was held after sunset, and the view from up-top was simply outstanding.

The race began with both the Mercedes drivers, Nico Rosberg & Lewis Hamilton zooming ahead of the rest of the pack.

So much, that within 10 laps, they had made a gap of over 10 seconds with the rest. Surprising right?

The order stayed the same till the very end, but the fight for the first spot, got heated in the last 7 laps.

Hamilton, kept his cool, used his experience, and outwitted his teammate for the first spot.


Force India got the last spot on the podium which equals their best ever finish since their entry in Formula 1.

Things we learnt from the race:

1) Mercedes has the best car, and are ahead of the others in terms of preparation by miles, literally.

2) Ferrari & Red Bull are showing clear signs of struggle.

3) Sebastian Vettel will have to gain more points on a regular basis till his team figures out what can be done.

4) Force India & Williams have been the standout performers, and have solid improvements in their cars. This could be witnessed during the race as for a majority portion, Force India & Williams were hovering around 5-8th spots.

5) It seems we will all witness a Mercedes dominating season!! Hope there will be some change to that in the coming races.

Note: Images taken from Google….!!

Team Orders in Formula 1 – A Boon or a Curse?

Formula 1 has been a mind game player with the teams, the drivers, & also with the fans worldwide.

Not only the change in rules, but also the points system, the fuel usage and many more changes have made this sport damn technical.

Creating a strategy per race in a different manner seems to be an uphill task for every team.

But there is one aspect that hasn’t changed over the years i.e. TEAM ORDERS..!!!

Team orders are the orders given by every team to their respective drivers during the race.

The orders can be regarding;

  1. Save the tires
  2. Give them info on their position & of their competitors
  3. Their fuel usage & finally
  4. To let the other team mate overtake you!!

The above pointers look decent enough, don’t they?

But the last one is completely unacceptable.

Imagine a state, when you as a driver is trying to get more points for the team, but your team orders you to let the other team mate go ahead, on grounds of his chances being higher to win!

Isn’t that killing the confidence of a driver?

Over the years there have been many such instances, where a driver has been ordered to either let the team mate go ahead, or to hold position and not fight back.

The latest example being Felipe Massa of Williams!!

This man has been a subject of receiving such orders since his time in Ferrari.

On Sunday, he was in pursuit for the 6th spot occupied by Mclaren’s Jensen Button.  His team mate Bottas was right behind him.

Williams ordered Massa to let Bottas go ahead as they thought he would get a better result.

But, Massa didn’t let go of his position and kept going.

That leaves us with a question.

Should drivers take such team orders?

My take is… NO!

Team orders as such ruin the sport. They also potentially rob the driver off a well deserved win.

Like the famous incident which took place last year with the Red Bull Racing team.

Mark Webber was leading the race until the last two laps, with then defending champion Sebastian Vettel behind him.

The team gave both of them orders to hold their positions till the end of the race.

Vettel however took advantage of the situation and went ahead of Webber to take the win.

Now the question of ethics comes in this situation?

Who was right? Who was wrong?

The person deserving to win was robbed off in some way due to his team’s decision!

It’s not only them but also the fault of the other driver who took advantage of this situation.

Team orders as such will always have a negative impact on the sport & thus teams should back their drivers, not create divide by such orders.


Formula 1 – What we learned from the 1st race in 2014

The race has been awaited for many months.

Every pundit had their money on Sebastian Vettel.

I don’t blame them.

He has been winning races, championships for a couple of years already.

Honestly when he drives, it seems like he is playing a F1 Simulator game, where he is on beast mode and rest are just plain amateurs.

Anyways coming back to the first race in Australia, everyone were hyped about the new regulations, with Mercedes tipped to be the ones to rule for the starting races.

That didn’t disappoint us anyway.

Here is my list of some top performers form Sunday’s race.

Hero of the Day:

Nico Rosberg powered by Mercedes won the grad prix with ease and no tension.

Zero of the Day:

Red Bull Racing Team as their engines were not up to the mark which resulted in the defending champion going off the race within 15 laps.

Also, Daniel Ricciardo, the local boy who came second got his happiness short-lived when he realized his team’s strategy went against the rules, and thus he was stripped of all his points.

What a shame for the guy who drove the second best and got applauded by everyone as he crossed the chequered flag.

Surprising performance of the Day:

This award goes to Valtteri Bottas from the Williams team.

Can you imagine, yourself racing for points, you are 8th, and as you drive, you hit the wall slightly which results in one Tyre coming off.

Anyone would comment that the race is over for that man.

But No, Bottas pitted, changed his tires and came back to finish the race at 5th.

Isn’t that surprising!!