Formula 1 – What we learned from the 1st race in 2014

The race has been awaited for many months.

Every pundit had their money on Sebastian Vettel.

I don’t blame them.

He has been winning races, championships for a couple of years already.

Honestly when he drives, it seems like he is playing a F1 Simulator game, where he is on beast mode and rest are just plain amateurs.

Anyways coming back to the first race in Australia, everyone were hyped about the new regulations, with Mercedes tipped to be the ones to rule for the starting races.

That didn’t disappoint us anyway.

Here is my list of some top performers form Sunday’s race.

Hero of the Day:

Nico Rosberg powered by Mercedes won the grad prix with ease and no tension.

Zero of the Day:

Red Bull Racing Team as their engines were not up to the mark which resulted in the defending champion going off the race within 15 laps.

Also, Daniel Ricciardo, the local boy who came second got his happiness short-lived when he realized his team’s strategy went against the rules, and thus he was stripped of all his points.

What a shame for the guy who drove the second best and got applauded by everyone as he crossed the chequered flag.

Surprising performance of the Day:

This award goes to Valtteri Bottas from the Williams team.

Can you imagine, yourself racing for points, you are 8th, and as you drive, you hit the wall slightly which results in one Tyre coming off.

Anyone would comment that the race is over for that man.

But No, Bottas pitted, changed his tires and came back to finish the race at 5th.

Isn’t that surprising!!

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