Best chicken lollipop in India near me

L is for Lollipop – A to Z Challenge 2020

Kamaria kare lapa lop, lollipop lagelu!

I’m sorry when I just hear this word, the song happens to play on my mind! I’m so hooked to this song, I would TEACH it to most of my friends. Now they too are hooked on to it!

Lollipop as a food option has been a favorite at any party right?

Chicken is the most preferred option but vegetarians too have their version too. For me, whether it’s a drinking session, a party or an event, lollipops are a must-have!

It’s one of a kind “easy to eat and not cause a mess” food choice!

What is the most popular lollipop?

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Best places near me for Surmai KingFish in Mumbai

K is for KingFish – A to Z Challenge 2020

I miss Surmai! (KingFish). When my tummy would crave for seafood, Kingfish came like the light and got rid of my darkness (hunger).

The Coronavirus lockdown has been an introspective phase! I have understood the importance of multiple food items that I cannot eat now. Seafood is one of those food items.

Because of no supply in our neighborhood, all I can do is check my past food reviews on Zomato and also look at old seafood pictures on Instagram!

Kingfish was one of my favorites. It was not just because it tasted well. The main reason being most of the health benefits associated with it.

Is KingFish good for health?

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Best Jalapeno poppers in Mumbai

J is for Jalapeno Poppers – A to Z Challenge 2020

Some foods can spice up your life. Sometimes literally!

Jalapeno is one such vegetable/fruit that can be used to spice up any food item. You can try a sandwich, a dip or even a burger with this medium-sized chili.

How spicy is jalapeno?

This chili is spicy but not as much as you’re expecting. In the list of chillis/peppers, this would be considered anywhere between mild to moderate.

Are jalapeno peppers bad for you?

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