T 20 World Cup 2014 – The Better Team Won!!

Firstly, Congratulations to Sri Lanka for winning the final.
Indeed the better team won.
They were,
Better on the fielding side,
Better on bowling, in fact marvelous.
Thus they won.
But, the attention was given more to Yuvraj Singh.
The man of the moment for all the wrong reasons.
I agree he has had a bad tournament.
Just a score of 60, which ironically he scored against Sri Lanka.
But they attacked every batsman with smart bowling.
Still, now all you can find are memes made on Yuvi.
Can’t we guys take a defeat in proper stride.
To state that Yuvi alone is to blame on the final, is unjust & unfair.
If you cricket enthusiasts watched clearly, after he became out, there wer a total of 11 deliveries bowled.
What did Kohli & Dhoni do?
Almost nothing!!
That proves how good the bowling was in the death.
But no..!!!!!
We just know one thing.
Jeeta toh pyaaar… haara toh maaar!!!
This attitude has killed one too many.
Of all I heard lately, Yuvraj’s house was on attack.
Some stones were thrown..
Is this how we treat our players.
We just can’t look at the positives can we?
Overnight, Yuvi has become famous.
I end my post with a request and some memes of him made overnight post the loss.
The request is to grow up, have the courage to bear a loss, and understand, we can’t win everyday!!
Just imagine.
below are some of the memes made overnight..
Have a look..!

What do you think about this article?

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