Camera-Critters – Two is Company (Images of Cats)

Images of Cats have mesmerized me for various reasons! Before I could continue, I would love to ask all of you,

Who doesn’t love C A T S ? Or images of a cat?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a big fat YES, then this post will not make you happy at all as we have the best images of cats below. Today I will share a story of how I came across these feline creatures who took my heart away.

Earlier, I was never a cat person. I am still a dog person but I love the company of a cat as well. Sometimes, I like the way they enjoy the head rub and belly rub.

Notably, I also like how they rub their furry selves on our feet and hands like they are proclaiming that we are their property/family. I am only imagining what if dogs would pee on our feet as if it to mark their territory.

Okay, that’s not a good sight. Let’s just focus on the image of cats and discuss how I came across this image for the theme.

For this week’s Camera Critters theme, I didn’t need to hunt for pictures. As I left for vacation and reached my native home in Mangalore,  I first got meowed by 2 new guests who had occupied the sofa space before I arrived.

It didn’t take me much time to get comfy with them. It’s a good day! One amazing and unique thing I found is that one of these cats has a blue and a green eye! How unique right?

Images of Cats

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