Food Porn – 7 (Restaurants nearby Infiniti Mall)

Bar and Restaurants in Mumbai have evolved with time. Now, no matter where you stay, all you need to type on Google is “nearest restaurants” or “restaurants near me”.

This will open pages and pages of restaurant names listed near to your current location. Isn’t that cool? When I visited Malad, especially Infiniti Mall, finding the nearest restaurant that is epic was a difficult task.

As time passed, I realized this is still an issue. Hence I decided to list down some of the best restaurants nearby Infiniti Mall. Do you wanna know which one I will mention first?

One of the best Restaurants nearby Infiniti Mall is “Andy’s Bar and Kitchen”.

So for today’s post, I would like to share with you guys pictures from my visit to Andy’s Bar & Kitchen, Malad, Mumbai. The food was yummy as usual. Here we go!

Chicken Skewers
Pizza places - restaurants nearby Infiniti Mall

Good Food, Drinks, ambiance, and friends made this a perfect outing! Also, another plus point is how near this place is from Infiniti Mall. It will not take you more than 5-10 minutes of walking to reach here.

Beer at Malad
Sizzler restaurants nearby Infiniti Mall

Do have a look at my other posts in this series. Do you have some food pics to share with me? Drop by and share the link/pic however you please too! Have nice day folks.

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