Sky Watch Friday – Mumbai Rains

Mumbai Rains = Unpredictable * 1,00,00,000,000!

Weather in Mumbai during monsoon is quite popular for the wrong reasons. Rains in Mumbai can be as unpredictable as the climax of a Christopher Nolan movie.

It will not rain at all in June and when July arrives, it will rain like 2020 is the last year of humans on Earth! Mumbai in Rains is never good as there are potholes, knee-length water in low lying areas, and disturbance in electricity.

But that’s not all. This is also the time when the temperature in Mumbai falls to a chilling mood. There’s Maggi hot cuppa tea, samosa/vada, and bhajjiyas.

And how can I forget my beloved sky? There’s so much drama in the clouds I tell you. One time it’s gloomy, the next its dark and sometimes the sun wants to throw in a special entry.

Mumbai Rains have a mind of their own and no one can beat it. During the rainy season, we get to witness the other side of the sky which is partly or wholly submerged in darkness.

Whatever be the case, the sky still seems to amaze me. So here are 2 pictures I had clicked back in 2016 from the 11th floor of my workplace in Goregaon, post the Mumbai Rains wreaking havoc.

Weather in Mumbai is amazing during Mumbai Rains

Which one did you like? Personally, I liked the latter. The darkness, the different colors just got to me.

Mumbai Rains are magical. They somehow have the ability to clean everything and give the city a fresh look. Whether its darkness or full of light, they have a beautiful look!

Photography is an amazing feeling. You can capture tons of memories. You can look back and remember amazing moments. Hence you must click pictures whenever possible in Mumbai rains!

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