Himachal Pradesh Diaries – 2

So this trip of mine i.e. the Himachal Pradesh Diaries not only got me some good pictures but also a lot of memories; both good and bad.

When I clicked this picture, there was a fight that we friends were into. I’m not sure why but at that spur of the moment, I just looked up and couldn’t believe what I was actually missing.

So I took out my phone and went all out clicking pictures ignoring the noisy background.

Sure, the fight was not so serious and we’ve been friends for over a decade so it’s obvious we know each other too well. Our fights are still childish and we like to fight and laugh the way we used to a decade ago!

Himachal Pradesh Diaries

The pictures are clicked on our way to Naggar from Manali bus Depot. Nature is indeed at its best in Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh Map is one of the best things you can have when traveling in Himachal. With its help and of course talking to locals, you can find places that even regular tourists don’t visit. I hope through my Himachal Pradesh Diaries pictures, you have a good time!

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