Mumbai = Land of Opportunists

For anyone to have a favorite place, they need to have had witnessed something, felt something that was so astounding that they fell in love with it.

So much love that no matter how heavenly the other places look like, whatever treasures it has to offer, it is just not enough to make them change their minds. For me that place is Mumbai!

CST Mumbai

Mumbai Meri Jaan.

Whether it’s the deafening honking sounds, people hurling abuses, motorists skipping signals like it’s the last signal they’ll ever see or anything else, I like this place!

The DESIGN of Mumbai has a lot to talk about. Like prior to the Metros and the sea link, it all felt like cramped up spaces. But since these 2 inventions here, that issue is somewhat sorted.

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There are so many places that are built so well that you can do nothing apart from watching and adoring it. Like this place below;

Marine Drive

Those who know this Marine Drive stretch will know what I’m talking about. Also, when we talk about Mumbai there are a lot of terms which are synonymous with it like; 

1. The city that never sleeps.

2. The city where dreams come true.

3. The city where people dare to achieve.

4. The city of the opportunists.

Yes. These are the terms I’ve heard and have known to be true. There might be many more such one-liners. So why do you think all such terms are used for Mumbai?

It’s simple. It’s the DRIVE within the millions residing in Mumbai that keep them up till late 3-4 am working if they have to.

Their need to succeed, to excel, to move on to higher pedestals is what makes this city a competition hungry destination.

Here there are fewer seats and more students who want to apply for anything. Whether it’s for a course, for a sport or even for 1 job position! That makes it even tougher for the brave to get past everyone.

Thus the one with the drive, the never-ending hunger can make it past the finals. The rest either whither away or get back and start fighting till they win.

Bandra worli sea link

No city can be complete if it doesn’t have the unity and CONNECTIVITY among the entire community.

Yes, the “Mumbaikars” as we call ourselves are known for their helpful attitude towards each other not only during times of crisis but also during any other situation. It’s not the moments of crisis that must bring us together.

If it can happen with moments of happiness and normalcy, that’s a feeling that will always make us proud. And all this Drive, Design & Connect reminds me also of TATA Motors who so far with their never-ending Drive and state of the art Designs have always Connected with the folks not only in Mumbai but all over India!

Finally, I end this post with this beautiful image of Mumbai which is close to expressing what I feel. Pure Bliss.

Mumbai wide shot

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