R is for Rebarbative – A to Z Challenge 2018

R is for Rebarbative which means repulsive.

Negativity can be felt from talking to a person. It’s not just the way they speak about a specific topic. It is about the way they talk about everything. You can feel that bad energy around. It not only affects you when you’re with them but also while you speak to others. I say this because I have dealt with a couple of characters who could be negative 24*7, 365 days of the year. No matter what you say, try or do, they cannot simply see it. Also, it’s possible they will find faults in you after a point of time making it impossible for you to help them.

What do you do of such negativity? Sometimes you don’t know yourself how much you abhor people. Your speech and body language however speak loud and clear. When your family and friends point out this difference in you, it’s natural you will get offended and might strike back at them. But I’d request you to listen. Listen closely and carefully. People who are telling you this are your close ones and they would never mess with you to pull you down. There is a possibility they are right. Your job is to analyze what they’ve said and introspect. If you don’t agree with them, take some advice from few more people. Who knows, you might get some more perspective from them.

Also, I agree that this is easier said than done. But what’s the point of not evolving with time. If you don’t change your habits, people will distance themselves from you. You shall be like a repellent. Someday, no one will come ahead to tell you about your negative behavior. You will be left alone. That sucks. Don’t reach that stage. It’s very easy to begin a relationship but very tough to maintain it.

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